Monday 29 September 2008

Viennese Gold

Parapet Figures With Golden Globe
St. Michael's Wing of the
Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Ein Kavalier der Alten Schule
A Gentleman of the Old School
Mozart Street Performer
St. Michael's Square

Only the Best for You!
Gold Leaf Schokobombe *)
Who else,
but a Purveyor to the Imperial Court
would treat you in such style?
Demel's Pâtisserie

Golden Grapes Strudel
If the quality of a strudel were measured
in Karat, Demel's strudel would be 24-Karat, handily.
Paper-thin dough so crisp and tasty,
carrying just the right buttery taste,
exquisitely juicy fillings,
I know of no other place that carries this off
with such perfection!


*) The B-Word
Yes, you guessed it right,
I simply didn't dare translate the name of that
sweet round explosivequisite delicacy.

I called Demel's only minutes ago,
in the hopes that they'd have a less explosive dramatic
name for it.
But no, they sweetly confirmed my suspicion! :-)

The B-word dates back from the good old days,
when the sight of such a sweet concoction would
conjure nothing but the taste explosion you were about to experience
when it went past your lips.

I loved to eat Schwedenbombe, "Swedish B",
a chocolate covered marshmellow confection,
back when I was a little girl.
I still can remember the oh so promising crackling sound
when you bit into the thin dark chocolate cover,
and the soft light texture of the filling,
melting on your tongue instantly.

Coming to a neighborhood near you?


All that glitter
photographed Monday morning,
September 29, 2009


  1. Tes photos sont la VIENNE que j'adore...
    Tu as vu au niveau politique... Vous n'êtes pas bien...

  2. Oh what I'd do for those chocolate pastries right now! They look devine!! I don't know what the locals think of the golden street performers, but my husband and I got a big kick out of them last summer. We'd never seen anything like them before. I've enjoyed the stroll through your town today!

  3. I could sure polish off one or two of those marvelous desserts right now. This made me so hungry.

    That Mozart guy is so cute! Is he the same guy you have pictured before? He's priceless.

  4. The street performer looks like he's having a good time!

  5. Oh those pastries are wonderful! Especially the multi layers chocolate one. Yum!

  6. Yum! The weather looks like you are having a bit of indian summer. What happened to autumn?

  7. Allie,
    look at the bright side, looking at pastries is free of calories ! :-)
    I haven't tasted those chocolate pastries either. I always go for the strudel. Irresistible. ;-)

    let me know how those chocolate concoctions taste! ;-)
    The gentleman behind the golden Mozart is awesome, I have begun to think of him as the "real" Mozart.

    he certainly does, but not only that, he must have made the day of thousands of tourists with hin congenial personality and friendliness.

    I can see what you mean. :-)

    thank heaven, Indian Summer weather is reigning these days! Was grey enough for a week or so. *bla*
    I am sure you'd love our Indian Summers, just the right warmth, sunny skies, crisp nights. ;-)

  8. Those cakes are too much!

  9. Your photo of Mozart is priceless! I don't know who the street performer is, but I've seen him in the platz numerous times; he makes so many people happy with his performance and your photo depicts that perfectly!

    Tell him for me that when I'm financially able to do so, I'll send him a copy of the film somehow. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to hand one to him!

    Congratulations on receiving Post of the Day for your Sunday post!

  10. I inhaled the pictures of that beautiful city and the pastries that flew in with my breath caused me to gain 10 pounds!!!

  11. Bombe mit chocolate,,,yes, only in Vienna could such mouth-watering and extravgant chocolates exist.

    Now that is something I really must taste !!

    Demels is surely bad for the waistline but such a wonderful experience.

    BANG goes the diet.

  12. Ooooops
    I forgot to scroll!!!

  13. Mozart AND chocolate? Heaven I tell you...HEAVEN!

    ALL of your pictures are breathtaking...I love the use of color.

    Thank you so much for stopping by!


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