Monday 22 September 2008

Summer's Farewell

White Grapes
In the vineyards of Illmitz


  1. I wish I liked grapes, but I tend to like them only in juice.

  2. Charles,
    there would be plenty of fresh grape juice around for you, now that the harvesting in and around Vienna has begun in earnest! :-)

  3. My word, that picture is so vivid you can almst taste the succulence!

  4. Perfect! Succulent is right!!

  5. Hello Merisi...
    Pretty shot !
    Will the wine be good ?

    See You later.

  6. Well, if you are going to say goodbye- I can't think of a nicer way.

    Hope those will be stomped into some great tasting wine soon....

  7. Oh wow, that is a lovely photo! It makes me jealous that I wasn't the one who took it. :)

  8. Seattle Boy,
    oh, I know,
    try standing out in those vineyards,
    and getting all this longing for one juicy little grape. One vintner cut off a cluster of blue Zweigelt grapes for me. Truly, the sweetest grapes I ever tasted! ;-)

  9. willow,
    I agree, a 100%! :-)

    I will know more in a few weeks.
    The "Sturm", i.e. grape juice that has started fermentation, has been extraordinary so far.

  10. My Mélange,
    this year's summer has left us with a great crop, I'd say let's be thankful. ;-)

    oh, don't worry,
    I left you a few opportunities to fetch one for yourself, out there in the vineyards! :-)

  11. Enjoy looking at your end of summer photos. I think I'm ready for fall; cooler temperatures, heartier foods, sweaters and scarves!

  12. Stunning photos as always - enjoyed scrolling back through the ones I've missed. Real visual treat!

  13. Merisi - your presence and comments are welcome whether here or on my blog!

    And, I'm pleased to say that your prediction has come true - we seem to be in a long period of Indian Summer here in Chicago - although I am suspicious of its demise as there are hints of leave turning colors already!

    The grapes are quite wonderful - I wish that I was in the mountains of TN again with my aunt and uncle for I would be harvesting with them and making wine.

  14. Luscious and tempting! Here's to another fabulous wine crop this year....cheers!


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