Thursday 25 September 2008

Along the Old Danube River

Looking Up
From the banks of
Ye Olde Danube River
22nd District

Only minutes
from the historic center's St. Stephen's Cathedral,
a modern skyline, and along
the wide old (and yes, often blue!) river,
three sailings and windsurfing schools, nine boat hire facilities,
and four lidos invite you onto its shores and into the water.

The Old Danube River
Miles and miles of bike paths, promenades to stroll along,
and terraces with restaurants and cafes,
offer a respite from the city
in a waterside setting.

Metro Line Bridge
Metro line U1 takes you
in 6 six minutes from
St. Stephen's Cathedral to
the Old Danube.

Very tempting,
isn't it?


For informations about
the Old Danube, click on the first two pictures.
For more of my photos taken along the river,
click on the other images, please.
Bon voyage! :-)


  1. Bonjour Merisi !
    On a l'impression d'être dans le bâteau et de voguer sur la Danube...
    Very nice photos.
    See You later...

  2. I took a divine walk along the Old Danube river with your new and older photos, as we use to say in France: "quel talent!"

  3. Beautiful...what a contrast the new and the old. Nice shots, Merisi!

  4. Funny, I don't think of Vienna as having skyscrapers :)

  5. I've never been sailing but have always wanted to go.

  6. What lovely photos...I've seen the Mississippi, I've seen the Missouri...the Great Pee Dee is just around the corner...I've sailed on the Thames and I've been up the I want to see the beautiful Blue Danube!

  7. Yes, it looks extraordinarily tempting!

  8. Incredibly tempting, to say the least! The sailboat in the first shot under "Old Danube" takes me and my imagination right off the page and into your world!

  9. Modern Vienna seems to so incongruous to everything I've ever known and loved about the place, but you know what, I think I actually like those nice clean lines!


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