Monday 8 September 2008


"F" for Uninspired


  1. "Blogger's Block" -
    the least I could do was finding a rose or two for you,
    until more creative posts come along!

    A great start of the week to all of you! :-)

  2. Your opening photo has such a nice vintage quality to it. Love it!

  3. And an inspired rest of the week to you, Merisi!

    I'd have liked to see that top pic of the table before all the goodies had been devoured - now that, I'm sure, would have been inspirational! Perhaps I should send you on a quest for cakes - sachertorte, gugelhupf, schwartzwalderkirschtorte, Linzertorte, apfelstrudel... are you up for the challenge? ;-)

  4. Drat, my comment seems to have been eaten! Let me try again:

    I hope the rest of the week is inspiring for you, Merisi.

    Re that top pic, I think I would have liked it if you'd got there before all the goodies had been eaten or drunk - now that would have been inspiring. Perhaps I should send you on a quest for the perfect cake shot - Sachertorte, Linzertorte, Gugelhupf, Schwartzwalderkirschtorte, Apfelstrudel, Dobostorte, Baisertorte... Now that should be inspiring to all of us! Are you up for it? :-)

  5. "A" for effort! Is that a watermelon? Beautiful! Some Mondays start out slow, but you'll pick up steam and inspiration as the week goes on, I'm sure.
    Happy Monday, Merisi.....relax and enjoy just being in such a beautiful place as Vienna.

  6. Lovely purple tints to those petals. wow.

  7. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah),
    thank you! :-)
    I have been a bit "negligent" as far as sweet goodies are concerned. If and when I eat something sweet during summer, it is strudel. Rhubarb, cherries, sour cherries, apricots, plums, I have been through them all since May, at Demel's. Tough life, isn't it?

    I will try to rise to your challenge, though. ;-=

  8. Allie,
    yes, that's a watermelon, spotted at the Karmeliter Markt in the Second District. Amazing food carving, isn't it? Thank you for the "A"! ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    another one of those gorgeous roses in the Volksgarten's Rose Garden.

  9. Those watermelon carvings always amaze me. And these flowers are all beautiful! Thanks for the welcome as I open my computer tonight after my latest journey. Happy Monday!

  10. What about some dogs or other animals pictures?

  11. Brilliant. Thank you, Merisi.

  12. Your F is better than my A. Hope your block passes soon.

  13. Every photo, positively decadent.
    Worthy of poems, all.
    -- Cip

  14. Ditto Vickie -
    Your F is better than my A.
    Great post.

    Over from David's

  15. A brush with color,
    I still haven't figured out how anyone could carve a watermelon like that. Safe travels to you!

    as soon as I find the time, I shall look for four-legged creaturs, thank you! :-)

    you are so generous, thank you! :-)

    you make me smile, thank you! :-)

    thank you,
    I shall love Mondays from now on!

  16. David McMahon,
    thank you,
    you made my day! :-)

  17. Good Morning ~ Your beautiful photos need no words or catchy captions - they tell a story all on their own. I love the watermelon carving - and respect how much work someone put into creating that piece of edible art. Thanks for sharing - I always enjoy my visits here.

  18. I just got back from Vienna and loved it!
    The city is wonderful but of course, my trip was too short.

    I found you through other blogs I've been reading.
    Nice to meet you,

  19. Deb,
    you are welcome!
    Next time I happen to visit the green grocer with the carved melon, I shall inquire about his craft.

    Alida Thorpe,
    welcome, and thank you for your kind words! May you return to see more of Vienna soon. :-)

  20. Hello !

    De très jolies photos...

    Les deux premières sont très romantiques !

  21. I am just taken with Demel after seeing it so often in your posts. I would just park myself at a little table there if I were in Vienna. And someone actually left some food and drink! How could they?

  22. Merisi: You found me and now I've found you. What wonderful pictures, that cup of coffee speaks to me, and I bet it tastes better than a latte from my local coffee bar.

    I shall definately take your advice and give my shakey technique a good try.

  23. Ah, Merisi - You give us so much beauty. I love the shot of the gardens being watered. And the watermelon! Very intricate carving. Thanks!

  24. That's the way I prefer my Mondays ... if only I were there ..


  25. Webradio,
    merci beaucoup! :-)

    I "stole" the picture while the diners were leaning back in their chairs! Exhausted, from all that good food, I suppose. ;-)

    welcome to my blog! :-)
    Definitely, grab that camera and give her the works! ;-)

    thank you!
    It fills my heart with pleasure, being able to share the beauty I encounter! :-)


  26. Ah! That watermelon is gorgeously impressive! Wow. Seems a shame to have to eat it. :-)

    (thanks for the shepherds hut write-up)


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