Sunday 7 September 2008

Viennese Escapes: Lake Neusiedl

Thatched Roof Cottage

Shephards' Shelter
In the olden times,
herders would guard domestic animals,
cows, pigs and horses,
who wandered the pastures around the lakes
The thatch was built with water reeds
from the lake.

Evening Descending
Seewinkel National Park
Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl, a large and shallow steppe lake, is located some 30 miles south-east of Vienna. Seewinkel National Park was founded a decade and a half ago, to protect a large section of the lake, with its beautiful reed banks, saline pools, and grasslands, both in Austria and in Hungary. The lake area is home to a large variety of birds and water fowls, and ringed by meadows and vineyards. An extensive network of hiking and biking trails crisscrosses not only the National Park but also the vineyards beyond.

September 6, 2008
While cycling along
the lake's eastern shore.

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  1. Looks like a perfect city escape.

  2. Oh, it's wonderful.
    So close by, yet a whole different world. After the bike ride, we went swimming at sunset, water temperature 23.5°C, the air 29°C, heavenly. ;-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your memory of the kitchen stove was lovely.
    We have never been to Vienna, perhaps we should put in our to do list for the next time we travel to Europe.

  4. Those are wonderful shot. So beautiful. I love how you ended with the bike shot.

  5. Very beautiful photos Merisi! You live in a beautiful Country.
    Thank you for the visit.

  6. Oh wow, so close to the city and seems so far :) Beautiful pictures!

  7. Mrs Nesbit:
    Oh yes, Vienna's well worth a trip (and no, I don't work for the Tourist Board! *grin*)!

    Thank you!
    We had to stop and walk nearer to a pond with water birds, and close-by a few domestic woolly pigs, a very old breed! ;-)

    Reader Wil:
    You are welcome! :-)
    I am very grateful to be able to call this place my home now.

    Thank you! :-)
    Vienna is surrounded by beautiful places. Wished I had more time to explore them!

  8. I love lakes and the wildlife that clusters at their shores.

  9. Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
    Thanks for not leaving your camera at home.;)
    Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.
    I'd love to visit your country some day. It's so beautiful.

  10. What a beautiful country you live in. I hope someday to visit. Thanks for you lovely photos and commentary.

  11. I think the little cottage in the first post is a delight.
    I would love to stay there.
    Greetings from NY.

  12. This doesn't have the the mental image of Austria that's in my mind. Its a lovely valley and meadow. I guess I always think its all about the mountains. Forgive my ignorance please.

  13. I love that little cottage in your opening shot!

  14. Beautiful photos and I love the idea of all those waterfowl having a 'preserve'.

    Tell me more about the straw hut looking thing?

  15. Charles Gramlich,
    you would love Neusiedl Lake,
    teeming with birds of all feathers!
    Not long ago I even spotted a large herd of bustards (Große Trappe) nearby, a quite rare species.

  16. Gwyn,
    welcome! :-)
    Austria is well worth a visit,
    as is Alaska, I am sure. I hope to visit your beautiful state one day.

    Thank you!
    I am grateful that destiny brought me here, I love it. :-)

    I agree!!! :-)

    No need to apoligize,
    what with Austria being such a small country, and known mostly for its mountains, the other areas usually are given short shrift. I shall amend that as good as I can, hopefully. ;-)

  17. Willow,
    so do I! :-)

    TLC illustrations,
    Tara, I have added information to the picture. These kind of thatch huts were once used as a shepherds' shelter.


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