Wednesday 20 August 2008

Morning in the City

Black and White
Not quite.
Se quel guerrier
Io fossi
Se il mio sogno s'avverasse
too much Celeste baby blue!

Composition in Black and White
A bit of silver thrown in,
Some red,
And a green letter or two

White Oleander
And two chimney sweeps
How much luckier can one get?

Chim Chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-oo!
Good luck will rub off when
you are lucky enough
to encounter two


Tuesday Morning Encounters
MuseumsQuartier and
Mariahilfer Strasse


  1. I love the coffee cup and creamer picture...I'd love to see it turned into a puzzle...wouldn't it be fun to put together? Your photos are always so much fun...I've tried rubbing the Chimney Sweeps photos for luck...I think it will work, don't you?????
    HUGS and don't work to hard!

  2. Lovely green letter :-)

    I don't think I ever got your address, did I? If you send it to me in an email I will send you a letter from Norway ;-)

  3. I haven't seen a chimney sweep for years.

  4. sandi mcbride:
    The puzzle idea is great!
    Did you try to click on the chimney sweeps' picture? ;-)

    Charles Gramlich:
    Oh yes, pleeease! ;-)

    Thank you, my email address is right next to the profile. LLama:
    A little detour through Vienna, and I guarantee you at least one every other day. ;-)

  5. Chimney sweeps - really? Didn't konw there really were such things still.

  6. TLC Illustrations:
    Chimney sweeps in their traditional habits are very much part of the scene when one walks along Vienna's streets. They always make me feel lucky, when I spot them. I had asked the two gentlemen if I could take a picture of them because I liked the composition of their outfit together with the black and white tables. They cheerfully agreed, one more example of the generosity and friendliness of Viennese people, which I have encountered so often since I moved here.

    The chimney sweep we called in every now and then in Washington DC to remove the soot in the chimney over the open fireplace was well equipped, with a special vacuum cleaner and such, but no tradition outfit. He could have been a painter, for the way he looked, or any other craftsperson.

  7. oooooh!!! :-) Black and white! How fun. That last photo is completely black and white. How cool is that?

    I totally adore that photo with the coffee cup on the silver platter. And bravo on the videos

  8. Wonderful photos - and an unexpected sight of the ensemble!

  9. I miss yr big pics...
    coffee song


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