Wednesday 20 August 2008

Tuesday's Rose

Pink Roses
On an early morning
in August

Alternate title:
Reason why I almost
missed the tram


  1. Dear readers,

    more roses for you when you click on the images. Enjoy!

    Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Each and every visit and comment are very much appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day! :-)

  2. oh I do prefer the alternate title! It is so sweet:)

    I hope you are well and enjoying the last dregs of summer. sniff.

  3. Maryam,
    I share your opinion, and the alternate title tells the real story. ;-)
    A very kind gentleman blocked the door, otherwise I would have missed the tram, even though I tried to set an Olympic speed record while running to the stop. And there was more kindness: The moment I sat down, to retrieve my ticket from my wallet, a fellow passenger offered to stamp it for me, so I wouldn't have to get up again! This is Vienna! I encounter this kindness by strangers again and again.

  4. :-) Roses will do that to you.

    I put in three new rose bushes this year - all old, heirloom varieties - very fragrant and are supposed to have gigantic hips (rose hip tea, anyone?). I'm looking forward to that!

  5. Lovely, lovely roses. I love how light diffuses through rose petals (and leaves). What would the world be without roses? Thank heavens we don't have to know!

  6. Such beauty is a good reason for almost missing the train!

  7. Fantastic people in Vienna!!Really, I have to see this town in true reality, one day! (I have to study the language , too!)

  8. Roses are a beautiful flower

  9. LOL--I can see why you almost missed the tram, then. They're beautiful. They look like our "knockout roses" that are still blooming prolifically here. I love them--they go straight through to the first frost for us, and they're just lovely. Your photos are beautiful.

  10. Tuesday's rose is beautiful. The first photo has spectacular light. You can almost see through the green leaves. Who cares about times and schedules when you're enchanted by such lovliness! Happy Wednesday!

  11. I think if i lived in Vienna, I might mis the train pretty regularly :) Enjoy your last bit of summer!

  12. TLC Illustrations,
    Tara, I love the taste and color of rosehip tea. Good luck with your rose bushes! :-)

    I agree, thank heaven for roses! :-)

    Absolute Vanilla,
    I walk by those roses almost every day, it happens seldom that there's light like yesterday morning's.

    don't worry, many Viennese speak French and/or English! ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    I agree! :-)

    a brush with colour,
    even here, many roses bloom into late November.

    so good to know that you'd have understood if I had been late! :-)

    yep, it's pretty tough being on time. *giggle*


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