Tuesday 26 August 2008

Down by the Danube River

Early Morning Light
Alte Donau
Old Danube
22nd District


The Danube river waters
pass through Vienna in
four river beds.
From West to East, they are called:
The Danube Channel
The Danube,
The New Danube, and
The Old Danube.
Of course, there's also the river Wien.
Lots of water and many bridges.

For a map of Vienna
with its many waterways,
click on the first picture.
The other pictures will reveal
more images of the Danube river


  1. I really like the grays, blues and browns of your opening photo, Marisi. And especially those willow branches in the last one!

  2. Such beautiful reflections in the water.
    Fall approaches a little here - but a few beach days to be savored still.
    Such lovely glimpses of your world.

  3. Sarah,
    thank you! :-)

    and the blue behind the willows is of the Danube! :-)

    I love late August days, and savour them to the fullest! Autumn days are still a full month away, I refuese to think of them just yet.

  4. Hey! I'm here after a long time, beautiful picture blog :) I loved teh last one especially!

  5. Mmmm. Those sailing boats look tempting, especially in a fair breeze. So much more peaceful than the noise and smells of an engine room.

  6. These pictures capture the last lazy days of summer.....love how the light twinkles on the water in the second picture. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Oh lovely shots! It looks peaceful down by the Danube River.



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