Monday 25 August 2008

Morning in the City

Schönbrunn Palace
and its Gloriette

Early morning walk
on a late August day


  1. Love this morning walk, especially the three women walking and taking photos as they go.
    Wish I was there.

  2. Wie sehr ich hoffe dass Sie nochmal Schoenbrunn in Oktober mit Herbstlaub Zeigen.

    Thank you for revisiting and bringing me such a gift! I hardly think our parliament between sparing with Kindergaden insults a) have the time, and b) the intelligence to coceive or construct such a sentence nor recognize any phenomenon cast before them.

    What a gem to discover!

  3. Fantastic gloriette! I smell the early morning mood!

  4. Would love to be taking my morning walk in these pictures! Your city is like no other!!

  5. Overwhelming...

    Your captivating morning photos have fattened my heart pounds and pounds of happy sunlight beans!

    I pray that someday I may see all these for real...

    For today.. a walk to my local cafe for a Vienna coffee will have to do..

  6. Sigh... beautiful, just beautiful.

  7. I can't say it enough : Vienna is such a beautiful city.

  8. really DOES look like a beautiful place. You're making me want to get on a plane right now! It looks elegant.

  9. How wonderful it must be to live in Vienna and see scenes like these regularly.

  10. A place like that should be crowded with people trying to take in the views...yet it looks so peaceful and calm...lovely photos and I can't believe the few people in them!

  11. Thank you for your kind comments!
    I will try to at least visit each of you, right now my time does not allow it. :-(

    There are so few people in the picture because this was taken early in the morning plus it is quite a walk to reach the top of hill, where the Gloriette is standing. If you look down at the palace, there are already quite a few people enjoying the view! :-)

  12. Hi Merisi,
    It's looking like the end of summer. A few more jackets. We've had a perfect 3 days... cool temps, low humidity, sun. Hate to see it come to an end.

  13. Hey, what equipment do you use? it looks like a good aperture priority capability in your camera :) Nice stuff.

  14. My God Vienna is so beautiful! I had coffee there in the 5th photo down- the building on the hill.:)

  15. Those parasols certainly convey the impression of penetrating sunshine.


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