Wednesday 27 August 2008

Roses 'n' Blues

Pink Roses
Volksgarten's Rose Garden
Burgtheater in the background

Chancellery at Ballhaus Platz
View from Schauflergasse

Mozart Daily
Serenading at Michaelerplatz

Early Bird
Volksgarten Fountain

Schullin Jewelry Store
It's a jewelry store,
after all!
Viennese sense of humor

Demel's Rose Macaron
That Little Brave Rose Macaron,
Gone the way of all pastries?
No worry,
this was only a pastry,
albeit an exquisite one!

The real Little Brave Rose Macaron,
the one you were thinking of,
has overcome her "Little Town Blues"
and has made it big,
in the city of her dreams!
Just click,
and see for yourself


  1. Love that gold Mozart guy! And this pastry does look exquisite. Oh.

  2. I like the goldfish! Nice pictures.

  3. What scrumptious images! That macaron is the first I've seen dissected and oozy that way in a photo--fabulous! The bird photo is amazing, too. I've never been to Vienna but I've often wanted to go and you will definitely entice me. It truly looks like a beautiful place in all of your delicious photos...Mozart is of course the genius. I love all his music. thanks for the vicarious trip there!

  4. That's a rather weird looking bird.

  5. Macaron now, got to have one, NOW! Oh slurp. Oh Demels. Oh sigh.

    Love, love, love that goldfish shot, brilliant capture.

  6. Aren't those human statues fun! There were tons of them in Cologne last summer......they're amazing! Two rose Macaron's to go, please.

  7. Oh Merisi. To show me that rose macaron knowing full well that there is no where in the entire Jamaica where I would be able to run out and get one, well that's just cruelty. *sigh*

    I so wish someone would create software that would allow one to reach into the computer screen and take a bite of such a scrumptious heavenly looking pastry.

  8. I'm curious about the bird picture, Was that ramp for the birds or is it for something else ?

  9. I love these roses n blues!


  10. Goldfish LOL...
    an interesting picture as usual.

  11. That last photo is exquisite! How lovely.

  12. willow,
    Mozart kissed my hand yesterday! :-)

    I love Schullin's shop windows,
    besides showing exquisite jewelry,
    they always add a surprising element, often tongue in cheek.

    A Brush with Color,
    at the center of that macaron was a lychee, quite surprising, but it cut down the overall sweetness and together with those prime quality raspberries, it made for a perfect marriage.
    I hope you make it to Vienna soon!

  13. Charles Gramlich,
    I think this strange looking bird is a jackdaw, one of the bird species Konrad Lorenz writes about in his "King Solomon's Ring" (about the social behavior and on animal psychology, from observations in and around his home, close to Vienna).

  14. May I respectfully offer the information the the bird having his early morning drink is actually a Hooded Crow, found throughout Europe.

    A verj nice picture of him too.

  15. Oopsie,
    my apologies to the Hooded Crows! ;-)

    I shall eat crow,
    as they say
    (I hope this is still politically correct)!

    I admit I didn't think about checking what bird this actually is, I just assumed. Now I wonder which bird Lorenz was actually doing his observations with. Graugänse are the only ones I remember for sure .... :-(

  16. absolute vanilla,
    is it of any comfort to you if I remind you that they must have a ton of calories! ;-)

    let me know as soon as you find one!
    I shall talk to my financial adviser then. ;-)

    that ramp must have been built for the ducklings that used to reside among the sea roses there.


    I need to check if those goldfish are smiling too! ;-)

    thank you! :-)

  17. Ah that tragic stage of chrushing the pink beauty...

  18. Parisbreakfasts,
    I carefully lifted the cake fork and let it fall on the chosen spot. Did a nifty job. Ah, the crushing sadness of seeing all this beauty disappear! ;-)


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