Thursday 4 April 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Even the Crows are tired of Winter

I spotted a large murder of Hooded Crows
sitting on the giant air conditioning units
along the access ramp of the Vienna West railway station.
By the time I managed to pull out my camera,
most of them were already in the air.
Who knows, but in my mind they had decided that flying
would be faster than taking a train south.

Photographed 3 April 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. I hope no animals were harmed in that picture.
    Your title me to think otherwise and I am deeply disturbed...
    True that could be a good thing if it got me up off the sofa

    1. You can also call it a horde of crows, if that makes you rest easier. ;-)

  2. Merisi, your photo is so beautifully framed, all the angles, subtle colors and the lyrical airborne flight curve of those!

    May I also say that the omelet in the prior post looked like a perfect breakfast choice. Along with the coffee, of course.


  3. Terrific capture, Merisi, and I'm with the birds -- even though our winter hasn't been bad this year at all and shorter than usual! Still, I'm ready for some real warmth and sunshine!!! Hope you have some sun for the weekend!! Enjoy!

  4. Cold here today too, and rainy. Spring is teasing us.

  5. Ha! I love it. Murders of crows can be so impressive. When I lived in Florida, once a year an entire flock would visit. It was a very cool experience.

  6. we call them a murder of crows for some reason - here though it's the magpies that flying round the trees.

  7. Great post for the theme!
    Happy SWF!


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