Sunday 20 April 2008

Among Lilacs in St. Marx
A Hallucination

St. Marx Cemetary and Mozart Memorial
Early Sunday morning
Lilac blossom time


  1. Beautiful photos! It really looks like spring over there.

  2. What an apt title for these beautiful photos.

    Keep posting.

  3. Oh my! It looks as if that little cherub in the last photo, just got 'konked' on the head with something. Poor thing, he's holding his head. :-))))

    So, so beautiful! I *envy* you your lovely stroll, with lilacs.


  4. Oh Merisi, I love your beautiful photos so much! If I do not want to leave the house, I simply look up your latest blog and the stroll through Vienna is perfect!
    Keep posting, please!

  5. More like a hallucinogen!
    I'm seeing purple and smelling lilacs...sigh
    Loverly as ever...

  6. Oh how lovely. I can just smell those wonderful lilacs from here!!!!

  7. Very nice. I can feel the peace and serenity of the place from the photos alone.


  8. Beautiful. I love that color, and love that grassy path.

  9. Reminds me of Lilac wine by Elkie Brooks...
    Great photos.

  10. @ Melissa:
    Thank you!
    Yes, spring's definitely here, no doubt about it. ;-)

    @ cuckoo:
    Thank you,
    I'll try! ;-)

    @ Smilnsigh:
    Interesting observation, Mari-Nanci! :-)

    @ maria:
    Thank you!
    Careful, you may have to get up early to follow me around. ;-)

    @ Parisbreakfasts:
    The lilacs' fragrance wafting amid the rows of tombstone, in the early morning light, did cast a magic spell. I was hoping that leaving you alone with the images would do the trick (words would have been only superfluous little asides).

    @ My Melange:
    Cooming soon: Scratch and sniff! :-)

    @ Paz:
    Yes, serenity and peace, even joy, are what you feel, walking among those lilacs.

    @ Andre Veloux:
    Enegmatic, yes, I would agree, in that it is difficult to understand why in a place like this, whose message should be anything but joyous, one can feel such a sense of serenity, even joyfulness. If man can create such beauty for those who have gone before us, if beauty can grow out of so much sorrowful remembrance, can it be anything less than an affirmation of live worth living?

  11. @ Charles Gramlich:
    All the many rows of gravestones are along such paths, some lined by lilacs, others have lilacs and chestnut trees along them.

    @ Krimo:
    Oh, that's a sad song!
    I think I have a Nina Simone CD with this song, I'll have to look for it.

  12. Just catching up on your recent posts. I see your blog is now green for Spring. Your photos are always an intriguing look into what's happening around Vienna! It's wonderful to watch Spring unfold all around the world via blogging.

    Did you realize that guy with the shades and mustache was watching you when you snapped the TGIF photo?


  13. Why is that Cemetaries are so peaceful and that light dappling through the trees seems so much more serene? Lovely tour of a most sacred spot.
    Thanks my friend

  14. Hey!
    How come we don't have lilacs here?
    I must investigate this!

    My favourite shot is the one where you can hardly see the lilac - the third one.

  15. Pictures that are poems, Merisi.

  16. So beautiful and you have captured the colours amazingly in the previous post.

  17. So beautiful and you have captured the colours amazingly in the previous post.


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