Sunday 20 April 2008

Lost in Lilacs

White lilac,
lilac in shades of pale pink and red-violet,
lavender, and "lilac"
Photographed yesterday evening
at the Volksgarten
(with City Hall in the last picture's background)


  1. Oh sigh.... Everyone seems to have such flowers, but me. -sigh-

    But, I will survive! :-)

  2. Ah, lilacs, The photos are so wonderful!!

  3. absolutely beautiful lilacs..dont think we have it here in the hot weather :)

  4. Probably my favorite floral scent of all.... there is a patch of them just down the street from me.... soon they will be blooming.
    And they are so beautiful. Your photos are wonderful, Merisi.

    I am so sorry that spring comes so late to your part of the world.

    @ CATHY:
    Thank you! :-)

    @ M. KATE.
    According to Wikipedia, Lilac is native to Europe and Asia. I have not done any research, but I think this plant needs a somewhat cooler climate to prosper (there's a Himalayan Lilac, imagine that, in the midst of those mountains!).
    Some more info thanks to Wikipedia:
    Kingdom: Plantae
    Division: Magnoliophyta
    Class: Magnoliopsida
    Order: Lamiales
    Family: Oleaceae
    Genus: Syringa

    Maybe you can locate a "relative" of the Viennese lilac in your area? ;-)

    I am writing this on Sunday morning, after having spent some very early hours at St. Marx Cemetery, where hundreds of lilac bushes are blooming right now, and you walk around in a cloud of what is commonly called "lilac", really various shades of violet. The whole world seems to be tinted lilac, and the lilac flowers' heady fragrance is so strong, you feel as if you were hallucinating.

  6. I adore lilacs and these are so beautiful...we won't see any here in Toronto for another few weeks at least(though I see the buds on the branches!)

  7. Beautiful shots! City Hall looks like a magical place not a municipal building.


  8. @ Sherry/Cherie:
    Every year, I love the moment when I first discover buds on the lilac trees and bushes. They are really hardy plants, they seem to be able to withstand even the coldest winters.
    I wish you a beautiful lilac season!

    @ Paz:
    Every time I see City Hall emerge in the distance, I think of Cinderella's castle in Disney World. ;-)

  9. I love lilacs! Your pictures are so lovely, I can smell the fragrant blooms.

  10. It seems spring was more present in Vienna than in the south of France. It is coming today , sun is shining , weather is warm


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