Monday 21 April 2008

The Meadows of St. Marx

Photographed at
St. Marx Cemetery
early Sunday morning

You can click on the images
to enlarge them -
I left this feature deliberately open,
to better share the utter beauty of the place.


  1. I love St. Marx. It's a beautiful place to walk any time of year. Next time you're out there, say hi to Herr Mueller for me! He's the proprietor and was in a couple of scenes with me in our documentary. Wonderfully effusive man.

    And as always, beautiful pictures!

  2. So green and beautiful. I love the growing earth.

  3. Gross Gott M,
    loved these photos. St. Marx looks so peacful and green! Would love to see the lilacs in person this time of year.
    Hope to get there on this trip to Wien.
    Best to you and everyone else!

  4. My goodness...your photos are absolutely stunning...I have so enjoyed stopping by...Dee Dee

  5. the lushness of the green grass...
    the lilacs........
    I think I missed the lilacs here
    they are fleeting and wonderful

  6. Merisi - your photos are really wonderful! Be sure, one day I will get up early and trace you! ;)

  7. Tranquil. Peaceful. Photographed with sensitivity.

  8. Lilacs at Dt Marx...with such intense colour and detail in these wonderful pictures,I can almost smell them.

    Herzlichen Danken for sharing!

    I love those old iron gates,opening into vivid green...

  9. LORDIE woman!
    Did you pop that one red tulip in there?
    = Perfection!

  10. @ steph:
    Thank you. :-)

    @ charles gramlich:
    Yes, nothing soothes the soul better after a barren winter landscape. ;-)

    Thank you! You definitely should aim to get there soon, before the flowers fade. Have a wonderful time in Vienna!

    @DeeDee :
    Thank you! :-)

    @ Elizabeth:
    I imagine that lilacs bloom way earlier in Marocco.

    @ Maria:
    Thank you! We'll see. ;-)

    @ David McMahon::
    Thank you, David! :-)

    @ Kurwenal:
    You are welcome! :-)

    You should be here, painting! ;-)

  11. What calming, nourishing images. Thank you.

  12. the colours are bursting with juice!

  13. Merisi, I have been browsing through your site again this evening and really enjoying the atmosphere you have created of Vienna. You pictures are great and I love the way you capture life in your city. This is truly a wonder site and is brcoming one of my favourites.

  14. Who would have thought that sunlight on grass would make such a lovely photo (except of course such a grand photographer as your dear self)


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