Thursday 13 March 2008

Venetian Doors

Photographed in Venice
February 2008


Doors Around the World
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  1. I liked the first and the 8th most.

    What's the last one ? dog house or something ?

  2. Cuckoo,
    the last one is a cat shelter. You can see it also in the two previous photos. I have been told that there has been a vigorous campaign by animal activists to neuter Venice's cat population and as a consequence their number has been reduced so drastically that now the rats are taking over the calli.

  3. Oh, what wonderful Venetian doors. I so miss Venice, it is the home of my soul (out of season, at least). Thank you for a virtual visit.

  4. A Cat kennel!
    Thanks Gawd Rome has NOT neutered their gazillion cats nor has Astoria where I currently reside.
    Cats are way better than rats IMO.
    Your photos are, as usual, to die for!
    Boy oh boy.

  5. I SO have to visit Venice one is the ulitmate in shabby chic!

  6. What's the best month to come to Venice (off peak?) - don't like it too hot...have been meaning to visit for years. Amazing doors again...

  7. SUE:
    You are welcome!
    I have fallen in love with Venice, head over heals, so I can understand your longing. Wished I were there right now .... ;-)

    The person (a Venetian) who told me the tale of rats taking over the city, due to the "success" of these particular cat lovers, sighed whistfully when talking of what Venice once was and what the city has become since, to him the destiny of Venice was intricately intertwined with the cats.

    I so love your "shabby chic" comparision, true shabby chic, still radiating the splendor of times past, indeed!

  8. Julie at Virtual Voyage:
    I have been there in the midst of winter, on rainy days, and in spring, and I loved every moment of every single visit. In the hot days of summer it must be exhausting, I would avoid that. Then again, I have lived through many hot summers in Rome, and loved it when most people had left the city to almost tend itself. Getting up and about in the early morning hours, taking a proper siesta in cool marble floored rooms behind closed shutters like true Southerners, and then venture outside again when the later afternoon sun offers a sweeter deal, is what I truly love to do in Rome. So maybe too, one day, in Venice? ;-)

  9. The second picture, particularly, made me long for Venice.
    As always, beautiful photos.
    re shabby chic - Marrakech does that rather well.
    Have ordered the Tabucchi books you suggested.
    Have a super weekend.

  10. I liked all of them but especially the 2nd and 3rd.

    All four of my children keep in touch regularly. What a blessing skype and web cams are!

    Eldest son, wife and little son are coming for a couple of weeks in April. Oooo goody!

  11. I liked the shadow in the 3rd photo. Very nice. Makes me eager to visit Venice one day.

  12. What a terrific eye you have! The first shot is a real grabber with the background perfectly blurred to provide just the right counterpoint to the iron work. Barvo!

  13. how beautiful. LOVE the first one. they are all marvelous but that's my favorite.

    thanks for stopping by my place. sorry i can't help you with peanut growing tips. hope you can find what you need to give the recipe a go.

  14. Oh my! The 4th down!!!!!

  15. The second photo totally has me - the color and texture of the blue door, the potted lemon tree, the scroll of the ironwork - all so inviting, I want to call it home!

  16. Dear Merisi,
    More of your beautiful doors. Your work always makes me happy. Thank you!

  17. These are magnificent, your photos are so artistic! And I love it than even some cats have their own private cat-sized doors in Venice....

  18. These are wonderful doors! I am enchanted with all photos! My son also took beautiful photos from Venice... I would love to know this gorgeous city! Maybe someday...

  19. Your presentation of the balcony is so inviting and comfortable to my senses. I Like!!

  20. Hi, Thanks for visiting me, and now I can visit your site...and Vienna, so romantic, always wanted to go now I can with your eyes..

  21. I don't know how I missed these Venetian Doors. I'm glad I found them. Enjoyed looking at all of them.


  22. Amazing, amazing! I live vicariously through so many of your photos.

  23. Thanks!! More doors from my favorite place in Europe...Italy ;)

  24. Great to have a theme in mind while taking the series. This inspired me to go out and take a street shot again. I will when the lights get little more easy on me.

    Each of your post gets really great these days!


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