Wednesday 12 March 2008

Viennese Doors


Lange Gasse
8th District

Green Iron Doors

Ella's Restaurant

Scherer Restaurant

Supreme Administrative Court
Judenplatz 11
View from Kurrentgasse

Per la Donna
Fütterergasse - Judenplatz

8th District

Lerchenfelder Strasse
7th District

Galerie and Café
Lerchenfelder Strasse
7th District

Fabric Store
Spiegelgasse and Plankengasse

Hohe Brücke
Entrance to the "Hohe Brücke" lottery
Next to the "Hohe Brücke" Art Nouveau Bridge
Wipplingerstraße 21

Berggasse 20
9th District

Kurrentgasse 12
View from Judenplatz

Elementary School
Maria Treu Parish
8th District

Courtyard Balcony
Imperial Winter Palace
Silhouette of Empress Elizabeth

Great Plague Column

St. Michael's Gate
Hofburg, Michaelerplatz
Imperial Winter Palace


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  1. A great variety and lovely, clean colours.
    Thanks for taking be along your walk to look for Wien door.

  2. I knew the door posts of Vienna would be different and special.

  3. Dear Merisi,
    I just left a message, but don't see it. Sorry if you now getting two! Thank you for sharing your works of art! Your photographs of Vienna are spectacular. Each unique and special in it's own rite. One thing I'm beginning to gather about your city is it is pristine. Very clean and well kept.

    Thank you for all you shared here. It's been great fun to see so many of your doors hanging in one post!


  4. Marvellous selection - the white shots particularly are arresting!

  5. Merisi,

    So glad I found your blog this way.

    The blue doors in particular, I find breathtaking. And the iron work on the St. Michael's gate is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful city.

    I'll be back for a visit I'm sure.

  6. Do you know how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful city? Love your photographs!


  7. beautiful. but this one 'Hohe Brücke' is unbelievable, i have never seen a door like that before. what an amazing city that you live in!

  8. What amazing portals! I love the predominate white, the first photo is very inspiring! Thank you for these glimpses into your world... I long to visit Vienna, and so appreciate this opportunity to step through these doors with you!

    p.s. my photo is of a door in the village below the castle... a simple portal, and not the grand entrance!!!

  9. Britt-Arnhild:
    You are welcome! :-)

    Thank you!
    You wouldn't believe how hard it was to select only a few, I tried not to show only the "grand" ones. ;-)

    Thank you, you are very kind!

  10. Julie at Virtual Voyage:
    Thank you,
    and I agree about the white shots! ;-)

    Karen Cole:
    Welcome and thank you! :-)

    I try to be really appreciative of my surroundings. I still have to pinch myself at times when walking down one of those streets, to make sure I am not dreaming. ;-)

  11. christine mercer-vernon:
    It is right at the edge of a real bridge, which crosses a street running deep below.

    The first one is my favorite, it is one of those "finds" you encounter so often in Vienna when turning a corner or slipping into a passageway. It opens into a courtyard which is enclosed by some of the oldest buildings in Vienna, a mere stone's throw from St. Stephan's cathedral, yet upon entering you leave all city noises outside and it becomes so quiet as if you were far away in a different century in a country village.

  12. A very special collection of doors - its been 25 years since I was in Vienna, you certainly have made me want to return!

  13. Wednesday ~~ doors ~~ -smile- Lovely.

  14. I love your viennese doors but I paricularly love the morrocan viennese one . You are wondering which one it is ???

  15. This has been such a WONDERFUL! world tour!

    Your Viennese tour of doors is fantastic...loving the Green iron doors and the Passage, going deeper and deeper and deeper...

  16. Wow. You make me miss Europe so much (I lived in Paris on two occasions- where I'd walk for hours and hours). Wonderful work with todays assignment!!!!

    Anne in Baltimore

  17. Vienna's architecture is so fabulous....thank you for sharing all of these Viennese doors...they are unique and lovely and so....Viennese!

  18. What strikes me - apart from the beauty - is how the beauty is enhanced by how clean they all are.

  19. i cannot pick
    a favorite door here
    but the children playing in front
    of the elementary school
    does touch my heart.

    the white,
    the red,
    the blue...


    think of walking
    through those doors to classes!

    i am so glad you caught
    the perfect moment ~~~~SNAP~~~

  20. Thank you for this wonderful tour of Viennese doors. It would be difficult to chose a favorite, but I did like the silhouette of Empress Elizabeth on the courtyard balcony.

  21. So many wonderful doors! I loved them all, but especially the door at recess.

  22. we visited Vienna last Christmas, it was perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever been. I've never seen a place so clean and pristine. Your doors bring back memories...

  23. Beautiful and subtle sense of color. I think I need to stop back here frequently.

  24. Lucky for me that the Doors of the World have opened to show me your work and world. I'm enjoying this trip around the globe and meeting wonderful artists like you. I hope one day to see the doors of Vienna in real life: this was a wonderful taster. I love the courtyard door. Best wishes.

  25. Dear Merisi
    I tried to send you a comment before - but it did not seem to 'take'
    How cool and elegant your Vienese doors are.And, as others have noted - how clean.
    I have been looking forward to them for ages.
    I always love nmy visits with you.
    My married name is Schmid - so I got a kick out of the "Schmeidgass"

  26. Fantastique! Thanks for visiting my Charleston doors! Vienna, though! Sigh!!!! THank YOU for these lovely photos! I feel like I am there! A lot of doors here are very European.

  27. Hi,
    Thanks for your lovely comments, I Love your pics too...
    Especially the green iron doors, but the first one, is so ethereal, pure and striking, and the rest, I would love to see your Vienna one day...

  28. Dear Merisi,
    what a beauty ! I've been to Vienna only once as a kid and would love to go back. Its architecture is so elegant. Even the iron door looks great!
    Am so glad Elizabeth put up this event...
    I'll visit more often. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  29. Oohhh...these are some of the most elegant doors. I love them all and the colours!! So bold and bright and clean! What a beautiful city!

  30. Hi!
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I have no idea how you found me but I'm so glad I clicked over to see your city's doors. I very much enjoyed looking at all your images as both Wien and Venedig are among my favorites. Thanks so very much for sharing!

  31. Such wonderful photos of doors! I really like the green iron door, but there are so many which are beautiful that it is hard to determine which one I would choose to go through first. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  32. I love all the doors!


  33. Dear readers,
    I thank you all for your kind and generous comments. I am looking forward to visit each of you over the coming days.
    Thank you again and best wishes,

  34. Cartier-Bresson is giving you a kiss on each cheek right now!

  35. So beautiful and interesting! Much dreams behind the doors...

  36. I like this juxtaposed with the doors of Venice. Very nice, and very inspirational. I can see transforming some of these forms into another medium.

  37. Stunning!!!! Just stunning!!!


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