Friday 14 March 2008



  1. Hey Merisi,
    These last two photo's are my favorite! The foil wrapped bunnies with the reflection of the woman is interesting and amusing all at once, and the blossom! sigh!! None yet here! Must live vicariously through your photograph!


  2. I'm glad to see that spring is poking through!!!!

  3. lovely photos,especially love the bunny and the great looking gugelhof.

  4. Hi Merisi,
    Each morning I start off my day looking at your lovely pictures and then I spend the rest of my day looking for beauty in small things where I live. While it is quite difficult to come even close to the beauty of Vienna, I have started to notice budding tulip trees, different bird sounds, and other signs of spring. Thanks for helping me try to see my world in a new light! Happy Spring!

  5. Merisi - love the bank sign shot.

    Just curious - what is the relation between the Venice and the Vienna shots - do you visit Venice regularly?

  6. When I see your gorgeous and charming photos I would love to be there!

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Rochambeau:
    Constance, those two bunnies, made to look like the Lindt Chocolate Gold Bunny, form the armrests of a bench large enough to accomadate two adults. They grace the Meinl Cafe' store window.
    I hope spring will arrive soon at your shores!

    I walked yesterday in the woods near where I live and collected a basket of fresh wild garlic. Violets were abloom at the wood's edge, it smelled of spring all around.

    That little Konditorei on Servitengasse bakes wonderful pastries!

    That is wonderful, Allie, it really makes my day. On days when I don't feel like taking my camera out, I shall think of you to inspire me. Thank you. ;-)

    julie at virtual voyage:
    "Robbe & Berkins" is an old Viennese silver manufacturer, going back more than 125 years. I walkby their store at Graben and Petersplatz quite often. I like their lettering and on that particular day the light and the reflection formed such a perfect union, I had to take a picture. Some days the light is so marvellous, I could photograph for hours in one spot only. ;-)

    I am sure you would find many beautiful impressions. :-)

  8. julie at virtual voyage:
    Venice is only a six hour train ride from Vienna. The Venice photos are there for no particular reason but my whimsey and desire to share them.

  9. Always beautiful pictures. I too was able sit outside and eat my lunch. And for tomorrow, I might get another inch of snow.

  10. That is my kind of break. just to sit and watch the world go by, especially with a good cup of coffee and a yummy pastry.

  11. oh i love these shots. vienna is the most beautiful city i've been to. i was only there two days but i was struck by how *clean* the city is. i mean, it is CLEAN! i could have eaten off the floors of the subway.

    but i didn't.

  12. I saw some similar gold foiled bunnies here, and now have two in a bag waiting for our "early" Easter celebration. Glad to see spring is beginning for you :) Here, it will be 86 degrees today so we seem to have moved into summer :(

  13. Glorious blossoms. I lingered with them for a sweet while.

  14. Ah, so that's where my cutlery comes from :-)
    Funny, I bought two Lindt Gold Rabbits today :-)

  15. Your Urban Renews me :)
    What's not to love here?

  16. I love these breaks. I wish I could take mine there. ;-)


  17. I love all you pictures of cafe life. Makes me long for Europe....


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