Saturday 15 March 2008

Stormy Weather

All afternoon I had longed to go for a walk
in the evening, just before sunset. The sky was a brilliant blue when I walked up the so-called Gemeindeberg to the Doll-Wiese, at the edge of the Lainz Game Preserve. I hoped to photograph a few beautiful evening scenes, with the sun setting over the city.

By the time I stepped out of the woods, the sky was turning dark from the west. There were still too many trees blocking the view of the city, so I ran towards the open meadow and began shooting the scene. A huge mass of clouds was climbing up from the valley of the Wien river, moving rapidly to cover the city from west to east. I had but a few minutes, then rain started to fall, and I had to pack my camera in and run for shelter in the woods.

On my way back home, I collected a basketful of wild garlic leaves,
the tastiest affirmation of spring I can think of.


The Doll-Wiese (Wiese meaning meadow) is less then a half hour’s walk from Empress Elizabeth's Hermes Villa, in the Lainzer Tiergarten. The “Lainzer Tiergarten” (Lainz Game Preserve) once was a hunting ground of Emperor Franz Josef. Today it is owned by the City of Vienna and serves as a nature reserve, offering the Viennese a green oasis with well-kept hiking trails and wild deer within city boundaries.

To reach the Doll-Wiese, you have to leave the Tiergarten through the Sankt Veiter Gate and then turn to your left, walking along the stone walls of the reserve until you reach the Lindwurm Inn. From there, you can already see the meadow to your right. If you are so inclined, on your way back instead of returning to the Hermes Villa, you can take Bus 55b at the “Stock im Weg” stop near the Sankt Veiter Gate, and ride a few bus stops downhill to take the U4 metro which brings you back to Karlsplatz in the city center in 20 minutes.

March 13, 2008


  1. I left he photos open to be enlarged by clicking on them.
    Yes, I am aware that photos are being harvested and information gleaned without asking for permission or giving credit where credit is due. Still, I take the risk because of the pleasure in sharing this city with you.

    I thank all my visitors, a special thank you to those who leave such kind and encouraging comments.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Your photos are wonderful. I am sorry someone's got their hand in the cookie jar. It really is treat enough to come here and look. Your photos are distinctive and beautiful. May I add you to my blog roll?

  3. Very dynamic skies!

  4. "..I ran towards the open meadow and began shooting the scene." Hahaha - I can imagine your energy and enthusiasm. :)

    There's something so enigmatic about the skies!

    Oh, those pictures of the little white flowers signifying the onset of spring are the best.

  5. Very dramatic skies, Merisi - utterly stunning!

  6. That first picture is amazing. Well I have garlic leaves in my garden but they are not wild.
    I have posted on the 2 non English doors.

  7. Actually, I love a good storm!!
    Super pictures.
    Yes, it's very mean of people to steal pictures that are your intellectual property.
    Flattering in some ways but unkind of them if they don't even give credit.

  8. I never get tire of looking at the sky. How great that you were out with your camera just when the sky and the clouds made this great play.

    Thanks for sharing with the blog world.

  9. Whoa, those are dramatic skies. Thank you for posting them.

  10. I love photos of the sky and I love these ones you've posted here. How captivating! Thanks for sharing what you view with us.


  11. the pictures are so wonderful..the sky offers so many different shades of colours..I remember when I visited Salzburg, the sky just drastically changed as a storm started brewing

  12. Wonderful and dramatic photos, Merisi! Love photos of a heavy clouds!

  13. Lovely photos - especially the first one. My Only Photo recently did a post on Watermarking photos, I think she may have had similar problems -
    if you're interested its -

  14. Magnificent photos, Merisi.

  15. I'm so glad you got in a lovely walk.

    Isn't there a way to prevent people from stealing your photos???? There must be! I so hope someone who knows how, will tell you.

    Your blog is such a joy to all of us and we thank you so much, for doing it. I'm highly irritated that your kindness is being *rewarded* with this. :-(((((((

    There must be a way to prevent stealing photos!!!!! Oh, what about putting your blog name on each and every one??? I don't know how to do this either but I see a lot of people do this. How? How? How? Someone must tell you!!!!!


  16. Merisi, my Dear Lady ..again, You have worked a mystical touch into your creation. Awed by the building sense of overwhelming power and majesty ... you gently cradled me back down with the gentle care of a blossom. [sigh]

  17. Do you know that episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry and Elaine are hurrying to catch a plane at the airport?
    She is loaded with bags and struggling, lagging behind - Jerry is walking ahead crisply, confidently and in total control.
    I think you are Jerry - I'm Elaine.

    And you're being harvested!
    Oo - that sounds painful.

    Glorious, magnificent shots!
    And the commentary made me feel like I was there with you.

  18. Merisi,
    Julie above, said to go to a site.

    And I did. And I did it. Well, a beginning. And it's not a pic I care about. But, I did it!

    Please look!


  19. Love the drama of the storm. You have a flair for photography. I'm sorry people have been helping themselves to your pictures. That's just not right.

  20. Thank you all for your comments!
    I will visit your blogs to return your kindness.

  21. This is very dramatic, I like them a lot!


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