Monday 17 March 2008

Green River

Photographed along the river Inn
Upper Austria and Bavaria
Palm Sunday
March 16, 2008

Clicking on the first picture
will transport you to my favorite river image,
the second to more of my river related pictures,
and the third click will take you
on other Viennese escapes.

Bon voyage!


  1. Very beautiful - but it still looks a bit chilly!
    Awonderful river trip.

  2. Elizabeth,
    it was raining yesterday, but not really chilly. My boots were muddy though. :-

  3. Loved the links, and especially liked the last photo.

  4. Where have all the gulls gone?

    Nice bit of cumulonimbus in the post below this one!

  5. Startling contrast with the very green grass and the rest of the landscape!

  6. Julie at Virtual Voyage:
    The last picture shows the big river running through a veritable bottleneck, where the distance from one shore to the next is only about 60 meters and its depth reaches more than 30 meters, shortly before emptying into the Danube river.

  7. Maalie:
    There were gulls with black heads a little further upriver, I spotted them around midday.
    They seam to have left Vienna, I couldn't find any at the Stadtpark pond when I checked there last week.

  8. Seamus:
    The brilliant green of the grass is quite striking. The tree leaves are ready to burst out, some are already visible close-up. After yesterday's rain the scenery there will green rapidly during this week.

  9. Thanks for the tour on this blustery Indiana winter day!

  10. Perfect! Not really back to blogging yet but I jusr=t had to come here and peek...:-)

    I always enjoy looking at the photo of your Father and Son, so touching. A River Runs Through It was one the the things that inspired me to take up fly-fishing, fabulous film.
    The fishing season is nearly upon us here in the UK, but I shall not venture forth until April, far too chilly for such madness! :-)

  11. These are gorgeous, Marisi. What color and contrast.

    I've added you to my blogroll. Thanks.

  12. They're all so lovely; I especially like the photo of your father and son.


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