Tuesday 5 February 2008

Venetian Dreaming

Good morning, Venice!

Anybody ready for a gondola ride?

Are you sleeping,
Brother Gondoliere?

We are watching you!

It was a long night,
but I am ready to go,

Me too, me too, me too!

And you?

Photographed in Venice
Carnevale 2007


  1. It's impossible to keep up with your blog! I love the dog dressed up too. So which of those characters would be you Merisi?

  2. me too - me too.....:-)

    dog is cute....and i found those eyes and expression a bit spooky...(fanciful ehan...)


    ps - last time i tried leaving my comment, your blog didn't like my link - so leaving under anonymous..sshhhh - don;t tell your blog okie.... lol..

  3. OMG !!!!
    I HEART that first picture, which could of course be ANYWHERE!
    What a composition!
    What light!
    Great patterns!
    Coulld you ever get that again?
    Not bloody likely!
    Just FAB

  4. Andre Veloux:
    Indeed, the Arlecchino dog was special! Well, I am not in these pictures. Let's see if anybody finds out which one I would choose. ;-)

    May I ask for your forgiveness, in the name of my rose, er, blog? That was really uncalled for behavior! ;-)

    I found most of those masks spooky, even talking to them. Very hard to keep eye contact.

    I put your name in with a link, so anybody who wants to can see for him or herself that you have been too high in the Himalayas to be able to post! :-)))

    Paris Breakfast:
    I see, instead of painting eggs, you have been down to New Orleans to fetch some Mardi Gras spirit!
    Merci for everything. :-)))

  5. So sorry, BR (bendtherulz.blogspot.com/)
    my link didn't work out either.

  6. Sighhhhhhhhhhh! Sending many sympathetic commiserations on not actually being there this year. Poor us! Thanks for the photos though. Does everyone wear costume? all day? or just for a ball or similar?

  7. Elizabeth,
    thank you. There will always be next year's. *smile*

    I was there during the last four days of the Carneval. There were costumed people all over the city, and at all hours. It was a true spectacle. The most delightful were unusual hours and away from the usual tourist's route, which were quite easy to escape.

  8. Spectacular shots, Merisi. Wish I could have been there.

  9. Ohh lucky you! To have experienced Carnivale in Venice.


  10. The costumes are amazingly colorful. My favorite is the figure in the center in that last photo, who is holding the leash of the little dog. I wonder what the poor dog is thinking! At least he has not been coerced into wearing a hat or a mask! Perhaps he doesn't mind the costume...if he is truly a Venetian dog!

  11. Thank you for these photos! It's the Carnival I want to see! Especially that last shot. Did you dress in costume??

  12. I am ready to go back with you any time.....

  13. These images, those masks and costumes are just too stunning for words. I have promised myself that one day I will get back to Venice and buy myself a mask - they are just such beautiful and evocative things!


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