Tuesday 5 February 2008

Fat Tuesday Escape

It is Super Fat Tuesday.
Do You Know Where Your Potted Plants Are?

Right beside your porch,
you say?

They are plotting their escape!

Those pots are sneaking into the shadows,
I say!

They are at the corner

Frantically ...
looking for a disguise!

Poof, here they are!
Transformed into a Magic Dragon
Giant Bare-Headed Mozartkugel Ball!

Oh, no,
they elephant-napped Albert!

An elephant weighs thousands of pounds
with every step he takes he can bring your house down
it gets pretty scary when he starts to dance around
doing the elephant two-step.

What next
An ele-pot plot?

Oh, no!
They are marching
with the elephant
through the looking-glass!

Photographed at the following locations:
Vienna Opera Ball 2008
Demel's, Kohlmarkt
Kurkonditorei Oberlaa, Neuer Markt
Hotel Sacher, Philharmonikergasse
Rozet & Fischmeister, Kohlmarkt


* "Elephant Two-Step"
is a children's song.


  1. This is delightful. Reading and looking at your blog is always an adventure. Lots of fun and great pictures, especially about the elephant.

  2. What delightfulness! Vienna is SO glamorous, elegant and beautiful looking... well through your lens it is. Thank you.

  3. Such a brilliant concept. You're really having fun with this blog and taking it to new territory. Great stuff.

  4. Very cute entry... :-)


  5. oh yes, just a TINY bit crazy!
    Lucky you!

  6. Reading this, I feel I have fallen into a fanciful and charming story book! And all that gorgeous red, red red...

  7. Elizabeth:
    I have to find out who created those pots. I have an inkling which flower desiger could have pulled this off. ;-)

    David McMahon:
    I get to shake my sillies out! :-)

    Thank you, Mari-Nanci! :-)

  8. freefalling:
    I agree. :-)))

    "Più rosso non si può,"
    more red is not possible, don't you agree? ;-)
    I was tempted to call this entry "Rosso della Sera", but then again ... ;-)

  9. Sara:
    From the color swatch of the red carpet, I would have never been able to imagine that the covered entry way would look so gorgious at night (it was built to serve as a walcoming area at the entrance to the Vienna Sate Opera building during the Opernball). Those flower pots were simply delightful.

  10. Those flower pots were simply delightful to look at (not that they talked, they were potted plants, after all *smile*).

  11. A giant Mozart ball.......NOW I'm in heaven!! What a story the red can create......delightful!! It's a joy to see the world through your "eyes"......can't wait to see what tomorrow brings *smile*!!

  12. Delightful indeed.

    Thank you for sharing with us a part of your interesting life through this blog. :)

  13. allie:
    Thank you, you are very kind! :-))

    Welcome here, and thank you! :-)

    Thank you, you are welcome! :-)

  14. What a wonderful idea & there's me can't even put an ordinary photo in my post without the help of my son!

  15. LORDIE!
    How did I miss this one!?
    Truely Gorgeous!


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