Saturday 23 February 2008

Et maintenant?

The Morning Sun
illuminating the day's laundry

Gondoliere with Roses

Orange Roses Near Sunset
On the Zattere waterfront

La Merendina del Passero
Nibbling Sparrow

What Now My Love?
Et maintenant, que vais-je faire
De tout le temps que sera ma vie?

Photographed in Venice
February 2008


  1. GORGEOUS Ma' dear!
    Love the last one especially!

  2. The first one IS a sun, all unto itself!

  3. these are simply as beautiful as the best postcards i have seen! Simply brilliant.

  4. It's not Austria ? Vienne ? No....
    Venise.... Si..... ;)

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...


  6. I know... To just comment Mmmmmm, is hardly enough. But these photos are yummy! And so, Mmmmmmmmm seems to fit. :-)

    Look at the lovely colors of that washing! And how you tie the color theme together...

    Yes, Mmmmmmmm is quite fitting and proper. :-))))


  7. Ce coeur qui bat trop fort... Pour qui et pourquoi??
    L'important, c'est la rose, crois moi...

    I love these photos of yours, Merisi.

  8. Merisi, you have outdone yourself. You really have. The Venice Tourist Board should buy this ad campaign for Venice from you! :)
    You have truly captured the feel of Venice.

    Since I can't seem to get the picture to open so I can see it larger, I will ask. Are those bed sheets in the first photo?

  9. Utterly exquisite images, Merisi! Makes me wish I was there!

  10. Venice is nothing less than a living art work (sigh).

  11. I second the notion that the Venice Tour Board should hire YOU for their next ad campaign! You have captured the life of Venice. The citrus laundry pops against the background of the building...what an eye you have..just wonderful! Welcome home and I can't wait to see what you saw while you were away!!

  12. Stunning. That last one is wonderful!!! Hope you are having fun :)

  13. All of your pictures are beautiful. But I have a personal preference for the extraordinary in the ordinary, as seen in The Morning Sun. Beautiful photos. Thank you.


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