Saturday 23 February 2008

The Laundry List

Laundry Day

The suitcase is still unpacked.
The pictures are ready to go.
Where do you want me to begin?
The colours (which one?), the Calli, the gondole,
food or coffee, le piazze, the Canal Grande,
the windows, the reflections,
the doors, the door knockers?
None of the above?


  1. Ah, Merisi, So glad to have you back. We leave these decisions to you because we know you will do the best. Sounds like a wonderful trip--love your first picture.

  2. how about ALL of the above in any order you choose!
    I'm impatient to see your Venice pictures. I know they are going to be quite fabulous!

    Were you in a boat when you took this picture or leaning out the window of one of those buildings?

  3. I love pictures like this...they are almost surreal in a way. Laundry, boats, windows, walls, all reflected. There's so much to see.

  4. @ LINDA:
    Thank you, I will try! :-)

    @ ANN:
    I was leaning on the railing of one of the many bridges of Venice! :-)

    @ BRUCE:
    I like the fact that even the laundry went along with the rather muted colours of the day. ;-)

  5. The reflections!
    The reflections!!!

  6. its IS the best you have ever taken....

  7. I don't care where you begin! Just... begin! :-))))

    But you do begin with a fantastic photo of a reflection. Laundry, in a canal. I have never seen a canal in Venice, look so pristine. Amazing photo.


  8. I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Piachere :)

  9. even the laundry day seems so petic in Venezia


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