Wednesday 13 February 2008


Saturday at Dusk
The sun had just set
when I spotted this skateboarder.
Somehow, he looked familiar.
It was his posture,
with an undercurrent of defiance,
that mesmerized me.

Hadn't I met him,
at the opposite corner of the temple,
only moments before?

Temple of Theseus
"The Winner"
1922 Bronze sculpture by Josef Müllner

Ancestral memory
preserved in the unconscious
Dr. Jung!


  1. What a defiant fellow that skateboarder is!
    Just come over from Simons. Isn't that snake wonderful!

  2. Could be that it was an actor, and his posture was deliberate. There was a film crew there, maybe from a film school here.

    Oh yes, the snake, very sweet, as I said, reminds me of myself before the first cup of tea in the morning. ;-)

  3. excellent constructions

  4. Brilliant Merisi!!

  5. Thank you both, Evlahos and Bridget!

    It took me until now to realize that "The Winner" actually's standing on a skateboard too! :-))) Give him a hooded sweater, and he skates right into this century!

  6. Huhu,Merisi,I hope you don't want to do the contrary!!!

  7. Sorry, I made a mistake,not the "contrary"(faulse-friend for french) but the "opposite"!

  8. I'll definitively side with Dr. Jung. excellent study in timelessness. A true classic , my dear!


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