Wednesday 13 February 2008

Of Spring They Sing

Looking for Spring

Volksgarten Rose Bench
Lady and roses
in cautious winter garb

Intrepid Rose Bush

Volksgarten Rose Garden
First leaves

Winter Rose
Martha Srna-Modlitby
Naglergasse 1

Saturday afternoon

There's a link hidden
in the last picture.
The first images will be a repeat
of this post,
but if you scroll down,
your patience will be rewarded


  1. I love all the pictures you do, they are so beautiful. You must spend hours getting just the right ones.

  2. I am a very quick point and shooter, and Vienna is a place where it is hard not to take pictures! The posts are mostly spur of the moment creations. I am surprised again and again by the outcome of my own postings. :-)

    I see the flaws in my pictures. With so many perfect images of Vienna out there, I would never dare to compete with them. I had my doubts about my "occasional" photography being so exposed, but resolved that this blog should stay the way I started it with: A little daily note with pictures from my new hometown, originally meant to document my new life here, for the friends I left behind in the United States late in the summer of 2005.

    I am humbled that it also brings home so many aspects of the world we live in. Through kind visitors like yourself I feel connected to the wider world out there. I appreciate and enjoy your comments immensely.

  3. Seeing the emergence of spring just makes me smile!

  4. "Who killed Cock Robin?"

    "I" said the sparrow "with my bow and arrow.
    "I killed Cock Robin".

  5. So beautiful, Merisi!
    The first two especially stunning.
    I am in NY and went to the Neue Galerie with Paz.
    We had hot chocolate in the cafe overlooking Central Park - and thought of you.
    It is just like a Viennese coffee shop

  6. Seamus:
    Oh yes, at the first sign of spring!

    Runcible fellow, that sparrow!
    Where's detective Vance?

    Image, a Marrakesh-New York-Vienna connection! May we hope for pictures?
    I once heard talk about this cafe on an Austrian radio station, lamenting the non-smoking policy there. ;-) Enjoy your visit!

  7. < a broad smile > the two sparrows are great!

  8. The lady and the rosh bushes seem to have similar character traits, sort of rather safe than sorry, don't they? It was a beautiful afternoon, the birds calling loudly all around, and the rose benches full with people enjoying the sunshine.

  9. Please pick up a new award from my post!

  10. You do show a spring-like look in these photos!

    Don't know the link. When I click on the last picture, it simply takes me back to the same entry...


  11. Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I just realized. It took me elsewhere! You are so cute! It took me to where the next entry was a reference to White Christmas. :-))))


  12. @ Maggie May:
    Thank you very much, Maggie May.
    I left a note at your blog.

    Here and there, winter seems to retreat. :-)
    The link will repeat this post, but when you scroll down, there will be more to see.

  13. no patience here but lovely pictures as is!

  14. what a colorful collection!!!


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