Wednesday 13 February 2008


For you!

Photographed during this past week
at these locations:

Vienna State Opera
Group of parapet figures: Generalihof, Graben
Maiden looking down: Kohlmarkt
Suitcase on Bench: Graben
Clouds with Umbrellas: Jungmann & Neffe, Albertinaplatz
Topiary with Butterflies: Demel's, Kohlmarkt
White Heart with Roses: Gerstner, Kärntner Strasse
Wings: Door handle, Graben


  1. loved all the pics as usual, happy valentines :)

  2. BLIMEY!
    Easter bunnies already?
    They are worse than here!for Gawd's sake
    Still very pretty

  3. @ SIMON:
    Wouldn't that be lovely?

    @ M. KATE:
    Happy Valentine's day to you too!

    I beg to differ! These are innocent little chocolate bunnies, cavorting with flowers and butterflies! :-)

  4. I am beginning to think there is never anything but blue sky over Vienna!

    I wonder what offering you have for us for Valentine's Day?

  5. Stunning photographs as always - I loved the shot of the suitcase on the bend and the umbrellas in the window. Simply beautiful.

  6. wings of love? great choice

  7. I was wondering, cause I live in Vienna. Do you know how you call the statues in German, that are on the roofs? Why did they put it on the building? For example on the Kunsthistorische Museum? Any hint? Thanks a lot, Anna

  8. @ ANNA:
    Looking up in Vienna reveals a world onto itself, with many façades, pediments, parapets, and jutties populated with mythical or historical figures. They are decorative elements, as far as I know. I would call them Attikafiguren (on the parapet) or Giebelfiguren (on roof pediments or above windows and portals).

  9. @ EVLAHOS:
    I would agree, wings of love.
    Henry James and Venice was on my mind too. ;-)

    @ Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah):
    Thank you. :-)
    Rarely does one encounter nowadays such a well loved leather suitcase anymore! I was surprised to see it, resting on the bench, belonging to a very well dressed gentleman, who was talking on the cell phone.

  10. Andre Veloux:
    This past week it was mostly blue skies, at least as far as I remember. ;-) Today, high fog's keeping a veil in front of the sun. Valentine's? I was planning on skipping it, therefore the "Wings" late last night. ;-)

  11. Just gorgeous -- both the photography itself and your eye, your interpretations of your theme! What a visual treat!

    As far as it's being "early" for Easter bunnies, in the US the Easter stuff has been out since last month! And Christmas things go out in September! Europe/the EEC overall shows MUCH more restraint....

  12. Such lovely wings...I'd love a pair like those gilded ones at the bottom--like golden fair wings. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  13. @ Jennifer:
    Thank you, Jennifer! :-)
    Here in Austria supermarkets are no slouches either, I tell you! ;-)

    @ Tracy:
    Aren't those door handles gorgeous, I always take a deep look at them when I walk by.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  14. Fabulous wings, ready to take flight. Gorgeous photos!


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