Tuesday 29 January 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Oh, baby, you'll freeze out there ...

Six minutes at Graben
January 22, 2008


  1. Looks very much liker real fur to me!

  2. You bet! :-)

    I was walking on Graben, a wide street or square that leads from Kohlmarkt to Stefansplatz, when all of a sudden I realized that there was a veritable plethora of furs walking by. In the evening I met Australian friends who told me that they couldn't believe the abundance of beautiful furs they had seen in the afternoon around St. Stephen's. We had been there around the same time, and noticed the same parade.
    It was very cold that day, with icy winds. :-)

  3. You know, I can't ever recall seeing a fur coat in real life (and we don't see them in photos very often anymore).
    I remember my Grandma had this scary stole thing that had a face!!

  4. We're off to New York next week.
    But few people wear fur any more because of the animal activists.
    We put our winter coats in storage two years ago.
    I wonder if they still have them?
    I hope you are warm inside at least.
    Or you could pop into a wonderful coffee house!
    All best wishes.

  5. freefalling:
    The art of the peltmonger definitely is still alive here, be it politically correct or not. Some of these piece are real works of art.
    My older relatives did wear those dead animal heads around their necks too. They always scared me.

    Viennese recycle, take the tram, walk, buy organic, but love their furs.
    The temperatures are unseasonally warm right now. I was early in the morning high up in the Vienna Woods, and saw the first primroses.
    May your winter coats be safe! Four years ago I was in New York at the beginning of April, and had to go out buy boots because it snowed and the temperatures plunged to freezing. I remember warming up at that little university cafe' at the corner of Washington Square, watching the snow fall on the blooming magnolias and daffodils in the park.

  6. Well, if you insist on living in an alpine country ;-)

    Glad to hear that you have primroses in bloom. How are the gulls' heads coming along?

  7. Love seeing all those people around with huge coats and furs! I like so much urban photos. It's a way to see the fashion, too.

    Did you know the blog THE SARTORIALIST? It's interesting to see the fashion.

  8. Cute!

    And that top gal, with the blue tights, looks as if she _will_ freeze. Between the top of the boots and the bottom of her short coat! :-)

    I wonder if there will be any feeling there in her legs, when she gets to her destination? ,-)

    Dare I say that the older folk, look more prepared for the cold?


  9. Interesting pics! I can see fur coats in Vienna are trendy... Or maybe St. Stephen's is Ze City fashion show.
    LOL Maali! Same for us here in Boston!
    Stay warm folks!

  10. I think everyone's granny had the fox furs with the heads on -scary but sort of glamerous.
    Did any of you read Katherine Mansfield's story "Miss Brill".......about a spinster living in Paris who wears her fox out for best?
    So glad you have primroses and a hint of spring.

  11. Your winter coat theme is fabulous, Merisi! Love to see the fashion! Dallas just went through temps in the 20's and 30's last week and today....near 70 and winds howling up to 40+ mph...go figure! As long as the sun is shining, who minds the cold?

  12. My mother had a number of fur coats, they were just about the softest things I had ever felt. I don't support the fur trade these days though, except in Siberia maybe, not warm places like Vienna!

  13. Maalie:
    No worry, Maalie, my woolcoat and my boots keps me warm and toasty. ;-)
    I'll show the primroses tomorrow. I haven't been back yet check out the gulls at the Stadtpark pond, maybe tomorrow.

    I like Viennese women's style.
    The Sartorialist's blog is on my "to do" list now. ;-)

    Good timing, I guess. :-)
    There are veritable fashion shows around the Opera or the Musikvereinshaus before or after concerts.

  14. I too never see the fur coats anymore. They are quite lovely to look at and really keep the fashionable warm.
    Boots and heavy coat are good enough for me though. We don't really get that kind of cold here in the Sacramento valley of California.

  15. greetings from cold cold Toronto!
    Nice pics :)

  16. its BLOODY hot here! :o(

  17. photowannabe:
    Some of these coats are lovely, aren't they? My boots and wool coat battle the cold quite nicely, I must say.

    Thank you, and greetings back,
    from an unseasonable warm and sunny day in Vienna!

    I am torn, should I envy you and feel empathy? ;-)

  18. Fur Fur , Fur ..I'm sorry I love it ...
    So feminine and glamour

  19. I enjoyed the fashion show of fur coats! Quite amazing to my California eyes...


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