Wednesday 30 January 2008

Early Morning at Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark

Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark
Pötzleinsdorfer Straße/Geymüllergasse
18th District

I took this pictures yesterday,
when I happened to be out there
in the Vienna Woods early in the day.
It was a gray, almost lightless morning,
with dark clouds hanging low in the sky,
threatening rain.
I decided to take a walk,
looking for signs of spring.

Clicking the first image
will take you to the park on an early evening in spring,
clicking the second one connects you to
the official Vienna government website.
The third image will lead you
to the English Lake district,
where Maalie found his first primrose of this spring.



  1. Hem... Viennese primroses which éclosent in front of us! Trees in the Rackham's mood, this grey sky which intensifies colors and leaves this magnificent green, I really have the impression to walk in your steps. This city is so incredible in your objective , I am almost afraid of being disappointed by the reality! Frankly, Vienna found HER photographer and poet!

  2. Thank you, bridget,
    you make me blush.
    I wasn't sure if I should post these pictures, in all their darkness, after all today the sky is blue and the sun's shining.

  3. I think these photos are just beautiful - I especially like the 4th one and the last one.
    I feel so tranquil looking at them.
    Oh, I have a question for you - do you have ticks in those woods?

  4. Feefalling:
    Thank you. :-)
    Yes, there's tick alert.

  5. I am sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen (as usual) and I am in those woods: I can smell them; the moss and grass under my feet is soft and springy*; there is the sharp fragrance of newly sawn wood; here and there pale flowers emerge from their winter resting places. :))

    *springy as in bouncy

  6. Thank you for transporting us to this lovely place, Merisi! Those moss-covered trees are enchanting...In fact, the whole place is like a dream. Signs of spring have yet to show their pretty faces here...I wait and dream...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  7. Dear Merisi,
    Thank you for letting me take a walk with you! Would it be alright if I print the second photo of trees, and look at it as I work? It really moves me!

    Have a great day and stay warm.

  8. These are ghostly and ethereal. Beautiful!

  9. I find the moss covered trees beautiful, and the picture of the primroses growing in the wild is delightful. :)

  10. traveling here on the spf pink plane - what a lovely place you have here - in my fantasies I live in that little rock house - thats where I am writing the next Harry Potter (but with a heroine) series - beautiful images - thanks so much!

    xox - eb.

  11. I just want to tell you: I'm glad I came by today. You've really caught an essence here. I concur with all the above.

  12. When I saw the first two pictures I thought, "creepy, Austrian trees"..similar to "creepy, Italian trees" from UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. The park looks like it could be the setting for the next Tolkien movie. One almost expects a Hobbit to walk out of the stone hut! I really enjoyed "the walk" this morning!

  13. Moss! primroses! - wonderful pictures.

  14. Merisi
    you must go to
    There we are taken for a mossy walk through the Welsh countryside.
    it is SO pretty!

  15. Ich sehe den Frühling! Thx :)

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots! Those trees are beautiful.....but my favorite is the one with the benches. I LOVE BENCHES!

  17. das sind so schöne bilder, wir müssen da auch bald wieder hin! und primeln gibt's auch schon...


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