Friday 16 November 2007

Snow Day

All classes are cancelled
due to heavy snow.


  1. You know, in my 40 years on earth I have never seen a rose with snow on it!
    Not in real life or in a photo!
    I think it is beautiful!

  2. La piu bella!

  3. Beautiful photo! School was cancelled because of snow, already? We had some snow flurries yesterday, nothing like this photo though.

  4. It's a beautiful photo. When I was growing up, school was cancelled at the first sign of snow, because of the bus routes and ice forming on the streets.

  5. Hello merisi,
    just saw your comments on my blog - you are soooo sweet!! Thank you VERY MUCH! I do enjoy your pictures a lot.

    Hugs and Kisses

  6. What a beautiful, striking image...but snow--oh, no! It feels so early for snow. Here in souhern Norway we've not had snow yet, amazingly enough. It's cold enough for it though. I miss roses already...Happy weekend, stay warm ((HUGS))

  7. I'm sure none of the students mind that they have no school today! :-D

    That is a really lovely photo merisi. I thought for sure that we wouldn't have any more rose pictures now that the snow had thanks for the surprise!

  8. Another beautiful photo! As is the last one, in your last entry. Not saying that all your photos are not beautiful. They are. They take my breath away. But I have been so loving the pictures you've been posting, of the late roses....

    Yes, I follow your blog avidly. And have not commented. Which is odd for me, who always tries to do too much commenting. But you have many who comment here. So I don't feel I am doing any short-changing. :-)

    But I am. All of us, who put words/photos on the World Wide Net, love to read comments. Even those who consistently get many. So I apologize for not commenting every day.

    And thank you so much for giving us this beautiful blog! And sharing your lovely city, with us.

    Which has not had pretty photos, for the last couple of days. I really hope you will scroll back a ways, if you happen to come see. Please and thank you.

  9. The rose looks so delicate with snow kissing it. Beautiful shot. No school must have made a few people happy.

  10. Never!!!! any cancelling because of snow here in Norway. We just have to fight our way through :-(

    My husband has a week's duty right now in charge of keeping all roads in Trondheim drivable. Phones rings ALL the time. he even has to sleep in his own bedroom to let me sleep :-)
    Luckily the temperatures are now over the freezing point and he has a quiet morning. Will even go with Marta and me downtown to start some early Christmas gift shopping (with the phone in bhis pocket of course)

  11. Lovely pictures, Merisi.
    No snow in Marrakech but lots and lots of rain!!!
    The farmers really need it............but floods all over the medina


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