Friday 16 November 2007


The Secession Building
The laurel leaves of the
golden globe on the roof
shine like a beacon
against the morning's shades of gray.

Mark Anthony's lions
are ready to pull his chariot
all the way to Egypt.

Secession Building - Façade
Will the sirens' sweet songs
lure Mark Anthony to linger?

Wearing autumn's last jewels,
Mark Anthony is set to go,
eager to join
his beloved in warmer climes.

Not without first searching
for a memento

A remembrance of the past
to carry with him

A token of love.

in the early morning,
with snow still falling.

November 16, 2007


  1. We shall see when it's finished! Ich bin gespannt ;)
    Oh, by the way, when the candies were broken apart, I was also there, but I didn't see you! I was mixing my colors for the stars..hehe..

  2. Man, that Mark Anthony has a big jaw!

  3. As always beautiful photos. I love snow, so these are a treat for me!

  4. How beautiful Merisi.
    And of course a red, red rose :-)

    I just read in our newspaper that alot of cars have been stuck in the snow for hours around Wien.

  5. Just perfect.

    PS: could we arrange for that Secession Building to go on loan to London?

    (You could have one of ours . . ..)

  6. Wonderful photos. And even a story, to go with them!

    I read your comment in another blog... About treacherous walking in snow and sleet. Your photos are so lovely that they make us forget, the 'other side' of Winter. Take care in your travels. We can't be without your photos, you know. :-)


  7. Silly me, your comment was in _my_ own blog! {Do I try to cover too many blogs, maybe? And get that mixed up? -smile-}

    Anyway, to reply to your question... concerning my photo of where a fire occurred, years ago. No, this was not a Factory. It was simply a building downtown. Business' on the bottom level and empty apartments above. No one was injured.

    And due to the double brick fire walls between buildings, the rest of the block was saved.


  8. Tea:
    Ich auch! :-)))
    I was looking for you, but then I marched on, didn't even stay for coffee. Spied the Nikoläuse. ;-)

    Some things are big even in Vienna! ;-)

    Thank you, you are welcome! :-)

    It's true, some people spent the whole night stuck in their cars on the beltway (imagine trucks skidding sideways and blocking all the lanes - border patrols are heavily critized for not having stopped trucks without winter gear at the border crossing).

    Sally Crawford from London:
    Thank you. :-)
    So you'd like to breath a bit of the rebels' air in London?

    Thank you! :-)
    I had to invent the story, because yesterday the cloud cover was so dense, that there were almost no reflections anywhere, very poor light.
    It's true, walking can be treacherous. I feel for the frail and elderly. Even though I started out very early, the city had already done a great job of removing masses of snow from the streets, which continued falling though, into the late afternoon.

  9. Smilnsigh:
    Mari-Nanci, your comment came in while I tried to answer mine. :-)
    Thank heaven, nobody got injured in that fire!

  10. Snow already??? It looks pretty in your pictures, but I am not ready yet for it to be here!!!

  11. All your pictures are beautiful but the last one is amazing.

  12. Your blog is one of the most beautiful I have seen - I have never been to Vienna - but I feel like I'm there when I'm wandering around your blog. I especially love the gold on the facade on this building - amazing!


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