Sunday 18 November 2007


The Imperial Palace

Dome over the Michaelertrakt
Photographed from Kohlmarkt
November 16th, 2007


  1. A perfect dusting of snow, on beautiful things. Oh sigh... I want to see your city, too. But I won't see it, or others.

    Thank you for sharing it with me, in photos. -happy sigh-


  2. That's a spectacular photo, Merisi. The blue green of the dome (is it tile?) is so lovely against the greys and blacks of the surrounding buildings and the bright white of the marble statues. Hope you are well!

  3. smilnsigh:
    You are welcome! :-)
    The dome stands over the entrance gate of the Michaelertrakt like a beacon guarding the city and is visible from faraway. Even though the original plans go back to the Austrian Baroque architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach (1656 - 1723), it was not built until the 19th century, and finished only in 1893.

    I would think that that the dome owes its bluegreen color to copper sheeting.

  4. Thank's for correcting my spelling! You are the only one who noticed. I certainly didn't! It's amazing what you can make your eyes see if you want them to.
    All corrected now. Thanks again.

  5. Sometimes you show so magnificent places that I want to see more then I'm looking for more views on the web but it is always less beautiful than in your eye! Here is the Art!
    This one is an example!

  6. Beautiful photo! The dusting of snow is gorgeous. I wish I lived around some beautiful places like you do.

  7. Ah, we just don't build things like this anymore, do we? Sigh.

  8. Lovely photo Hows all the snow? We have had aome in UK this weekend none here but very cold and grey.

  9. Beautiful dome and you just keep tempting me with all those lovely tea rooms.

  10. Where's Ingrid Bergman?
    Very pretty anyways...
    Is there a craft store nearby per chance Madame Vienna For Beginners?

  11. frankly, it looks perfect! ;o)

  12. A very nice framing of your picture. I like the green of the dome and the statuary in front.

  13. Well, I've finally shown up for my snow ball fight, and where do I find you?
    First in a cafe and now at the Imperial Palace.
    Hmpff - I can't go throwing snow balls in the presence of the properness of royalness.

    My mum had a cousin who lived in Vienna for several years as a pilot (for- is it Lauda you have there?) - anyway his wife said the Viennese were tough nuts to crack - very proper and formal. So, I don't think you are keeping with that stereotype by encouraging snowball fights!!

  14. Lorenzothellama:
    You are welcome! :-)
    I realized that it must be a typo, but had fun imagining a country called Scotandia. ;-)

    Thank you, you are very generous!

    Thank you. :-)
    Sometimes I feel here like a spoiled child in the candy store.

    Shrink Wrapped Scream:
    How true! ;-)

    Thank you!
    There's still snow around in the higher hills around Vienna.

    One of those days you'll have to check everything out! :-)

    Ingrid Bergman?
    Oh, now I understand! And I thought the Queen and King of Sweden were received at the Hofburg this morning! I should have recognized Humphrey Bogart.

    Craft store? Frankly, my dear .... :-)))

    I share your opinion! :-)

    Thank you! :-)

    Oh, don't worry, we can play in the Royal Courtyard. Do you mind if the Queen and King of Sweden join us? They promised to take of the crowns! ;-)

    I have nothing but good to say about how the Viennese are treating me.

  15. This place looks so cosy ..I would love to have a break there


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