Monday 19 November 2007

Teatime at Café Gloriette

Tea, anyone?

1 pot of the finest Early Grey tea
1 little vessel with some extra hot water
1 cannikin with milk
1 saucer for the tea strainer
1 cup and saucer for your tea
1 glass of water
1 spoon

All in all,
very proper tea service,
don't you agree?

Café Gloriette is located in the summerhouse,
the Gloriette, high on a hill of
Schönbrunn Palace's gardens.

It was originally built in 1775,
but destroyed during bombing raids in World War II.
Rebuilt in 1947, it underwent a major renovovation
in the nineties.

View of Schönbrunn Palace
from the Gloriette

Photographed today
at dusk.

For more of my photos of the Gloriette,
click here, please.


  1. Lovely view of Schönbrunn Palace!
    Café Gloriette looks glorious.
    Where's all the snow gone?
    None of it in Marrakech...;o)

  2. Café Gloriette is gorgeous. We have nothing at all like this around here in Ohio! The view is beautiful as well. I'm so thankful you share your part of the world with all of us. Just gorgeous!!

  3. cream:
    There's still snow around Schönbrunn. Yesterday I had to slow down several times because of icy walkways. :-)

    Having a cup of tea there after a strenous walk, looking down on the city and watching the birds and clouds is really a joy to behold. I am glad I can share this with you. ;-)

  4. What a beautiful place to have a proper Tea. Your pitures make it an inviting place to visit.

  5. This is honesty one of the best and prettiest places I encountered in Vienna. I also had a post in September about it ;)

  6. Every day I am greener with envy that you have such gorgeous tea and coffee establishments in your own backyard! I will just have to visit someday! In the meantime, I can dream -- thanks to you! :)

  7. Yes, a very lovely way to serve tea. And glorious photos!

  8. LORDIE!
    Just how many of these gorgeous salon de the are there in your neck of the Vienne woods?
    It seems you have an endless supply and all so lovely...sigh

  9. photowannabe:
    Oh yes, very inviting place to have tea, especially if you come in after walking through ice and snow. ;-)

    I remember your beautiful photos!
    Gloriette Cafe' is always a good reason to get some walking exercise. :-)

    You are welcome!
    It's true, so many places to visit, I am years from running out of! :-)

    paris parfait:
    Thank you! :-)

    Paris breakfasts:
    You have no idea how stressful it can be! :-)))

  10. Oh' shucks..this particular post won't show in my computer...grrrrr....I'll try again and again...


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