Wednesday 24 October 2007

Grey with a Touch of Gold

Alte Backstube
Old Bakery
Lange Gasse
8th District


Façade of the Josefstadt Theater
Plaque commemorating
Hugo von Hofmannsthal

Josefstädter Strasse
8th District (Josefstadt)

On the left bank
of the River Wien

Secession Building
Detail of the left side façade
This beautiful Jugendstil building,
designed by the young architect
Joseph Maria Olbrich.
was built within six months in 1898!

Dr. Karl-Renner-Ring
Half of the Parliament building
was completely destroyed during WW II.
Reconstruction of the building itself
was completed in 1956.
The little hut up on its roof
is a reminder that the restoration
of the damaged artwork is still going on.

View from Merkur Parking Lot
A shopping cart shelter
with a view!

13th District

Pasqualati House Boot-Jack
Mölker-Bastei 8
Beethoven could have cleaned
his boots here.

Doves All Lined Up
Eden Haus & Garten Galerie
Auhofstrasse 45

Corner House
7th District

More Grey?
"GREY is the color for Fall,"
says Carol of "Paris Breakfasts"
in her latest roundup
of the newest fashion trends.
Click here
for Carol's look at Gris - Grey,
French Scarves and
her very own délicieux
World of Macarons and Chocolats!
Bon voyage!


  1. If I had a house like that I'd try to play catch, from one corner balcony to the other!

  2. Gris aussi! These are beautiful en grisaille...I was just drooling yesterday over the pink roses from your mother's garden. Stopped me in my tracks. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my little blog. I will have to put Vienna on my travel list! Now I am going to look at these again. And drink them up with some fresh earl grey...All best, Jan

    I bet you would! :-)))

    Janice C. Cartier:
    I am sure you'd enjoy a visit to Vienna, so much to discover here.
    I salute you with my cup of the good Earl!

  4. Oh, lovely.
    I was in Vienna once years ago, when my community youth orchestra was invited to play at Salzburg, but it was a very fast trip and involved much time on buses.

    These pictures make me feel like I'm there.

  5. Oh, Merisi, how beautiful is this first picture!

  6. There is a bakery in my village - makes superb pies and vanilla slices :-)
    Simon will be tasting it soon!

    Those doves look as if they are lined up for shooting practice!

  7. Nice photos of the buildings and the boot jack and the doves. I like your post and pictures.

    Also, thank you for your comments on my birds blog about the turkey.

  8. I love the statues from the last couple days. So much class, so cosmopolitian. What I lovely, lovely place to live.

  9. MissMeliss:
    Welcome and thank you! :-)

    Delphine R2M:
    Thank you. :-)
    This baroque building is beautiful,
    built in 1697 on the remains of a building from the late medieval period.

    Pnly the name has remained, but the bakery is not churning out any more breads, there's a restaurant in the building now. Lucky Simon, you are going to spoil him with all the food you are offering. I had wild duck on Sunday, was thinking of your pheasant feast.

    Thank you! Your photos are so splendid, I feel humbled by your kind comments about mine.

    c'est moi:
    It's true, Vienna is very cosmopolitan, the buildings, the public art, most often remnant of an old great empire, but also the present is full of cosmopolitan spirit and livelyness. It is also a great place to live, with a small town feel at times.

  10. The world is turning Grey all over, and not a bit boring either. Beautiful amd subtle.

    I've not been ignoring you, Been a bit stressed, plus Blogger hid all my comments from me for 6 days (!!) and just playing catch up.

    So nice to be back here with your photos again too :-)

  11. Wild duck! yum.

    I love the history re the parliment building! Great post as always Merisi!

  12. Shhhhh.....
    I'm coming out of hiding just for you!
    I shan't rest on my laurels and shall TRY to do the odd post!

  13. Merci Merisi!
    Very beautiful, soft grey post...I shoulda come to Wien...

  14. a grey day here just isn't as gorgeous, sugar, not here anyway or maybe i'm just still suffering from cabin fever! ;-)

    always a pleasure visiting you!

  15. It gives a new meaning to grey- subtle, atmospheric and dignified. I am always constantly amazed at the fresh and beautiful scenes you seem to so effortlessly capture for us. It is a gift, my dear, a very special one!

  16. Beautiful, subtle grey!
    The photo of that tree and the door makes my heart happy.

  17. I've enjoyed Antwerp and Brussels but can't wait to visit your Vienna one day, Merisi.
    Next trip is Marrakech again in 3 weeks' time. Can't wait.

  18. grey and gorgeous!

    i love the non-messy doves
    all lined up
    for their photo-op...

    i'll take 2!


    my friend,
    2 weeks home from vienna,
    has not stopped *gushing*

    i NEED to go there...
    grey, pink, whatever!

  19. I love the little building hut on the roof: their own little world up there.

    Here I go with my questions: is the River Wien navigable?

    I think we used to have one Thames tributory that was navigable, the Fleet (all the tribs are now underground and in pipes, etc.) and, like you, I'm finding out more about them as I go along.

    And Ludwig and Hugo in the same post!

    Pasqualati House Boot-Jack: now look here, it's showing signs of rust. :)) It's 'heritage' as we say here.

  20. Max has a fan, and a post all about him on Paris Breakfasts I see - how cool is that dog! ;-)

    (not been ignoring you, but Blogger kept all my comments from me for 6 days1 Arrgghh. So busy too.) Will write again soon ... still popping by to enjoy these fabulous photos.

    Love to Max too. x

  21. see I'm losing the plot, I said half of that already... see, I REALLY mean it! :-)

  22. Very lovely photos of gris! Merci!

  23. Love the pic of Michaelerhaus with that lovely twisted tree.

  24. Elizabeth:
    So nice to see you back!

    Thank you!
    When I first spied that little building on the rooftop, I was looking at the back of the building and didn't know it was the Parliament. I was upset that some bigshot actually had managed to mar a beautiful building with that cheap little hut (there are quite a few new roof constructions that are not up to code - it helps to have the right connections).

  25. freefalling:
    Nice to see you (whispering voice)! :-)

    Yes, missing out on Vienna again was a big mistake! ;-)
    Thank you, your post gave me the incentive to pull out of the drawer all those greys I had collected over the months.

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)
    Believe me, if you look, you'll find beauty even on a grey Savannah day (wished I could show you!).

  26. wonderful post in grey . I particularly love the 2nd picture . And don't worry for your comment , I've left it .You were right anyway

  27. Lovely, lovely neutral colors. Love that first picture. And the bare, twiny vines in the courtyard. And the statuary. AND the bootjack! And the doves! Ok - really fun post overall.

  28. Gray with a touch of gold. Lovely.



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