Thursday 25 October 2007

A Cup of Golden Nepal Tea

Five o’clock tea
Himalaya Tea
Golden Nepal Type Maloon
with Zauner-Kipferl and
Chocolate-dipped, fruit-filled gingerbread
Patisserie-Café Eibensteiner
Schärding am Inn
Upper Austria

This past Sunday I took the train to
a small town with a beautiful square
lined by Baroque houses.
I spent the day in various places
along the Inn river.

Before I got back on the train,
my brother invited me to a
Patisserie cum Café in one
of the town's small side streets.

I had one of the best tea times ever!
The tea tasted as if grown in heaven,
it was perfectly brewed.
The brioche dough croissant
was dusted by an unstinting hand
with roasted ground hazelnuts,
before it was shaped into its crescent form
and baked to a golden hue.
A sweet scent enveloped you
every time
you savored another tasty morsel.
Master Autumn would
want to be remembered by
such heavenly goodness.


  1. Now you have me drooling. That tea-time sounds devine. A wonderful way to end the day.

  2. Looks and sounds like perfection!

  3. I just sat down with my darjeeling for a look at what you have put up today... You are sipping life there in a most beautiful way. So refreshing. Thanks. Jan

  4. That looked so delightful. I am fighting off a cold and pipping hot tea and rest is what is needed, but unfortunately life is a bit too busy at the moment.

  5. Your description of the tea and tea time enhanced your photo. Well done!!

  6. What Kate said! Your words! Your words were as delicious as the tea.

  7. Mmmm! I love decent tea drunk from decent china. I bought a set of Wedgwood chins (Ice Rose pattern - you can google it) for such occasions.

    Bye bye Merisi, I'm off to Patagonia, see you in a couple of weeks :-)

  8. Can one stay thin in Vienna? The pastries always look and sound heavenly.

  9. photowannabe:
    I wished I was there right now!
    Thank you for your visit! :-)

    paris parfait:
    Thank you. :-)

    Janice C. Cartier:
    Thank you, Jan, for stopping by.

    That's unfortunate,
    to catch a cold in Florida!
    Get well soon.

    Thank you, Kate!
    "An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses", Proust would have answered.

    Thank you so much for your generous words! :-)

    Oh yes, that little place served tea in beautiful china cups.
    "I'm off to Patagonia,", these are the words with which Bruce Chatwin left on a note to his employer. And off he went! :-)
    Have a great time!

    Lots of walking, Becca, lots of walking! :-)

  10. After nearly 32 years in the UK, I have come to think of tea as the kiss of life.
    In the morning, it seems to turn all my switches back on.
    After a walk, it gives me energy to go for another walk.
    Yes, tea is the elixir of life.
    I agree with L. Your words are very, very tasty!

  11. That looks so delightful. I wish I were there right now sitting at that table. ahhhh very comforting visual.

  12. Divine! Now I'm drooling too ... so happy for your delight. Afternoon tea really is such a civilized affair isn't it?!

    I like the pink and green on the biuldings in the last photo, with complimenting flowers too :-)

  13. you've made me thirst for a cup of tea as well..:)


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