Tuesday 25 September 2007

Morning in the City

"Epicures - date a Breakfast — by it"
(Emily Dickinson)

Café under the arcades
of the State Opera

The Sacher
(behind the Opera)

Café Mozart
Albertina Square
(around the corner from Sacher's)

Café Tirolerhof
(a minute's walk from Mozart's)

Café Le Bol
Neuer Markt
(a minute from Tirolerhof's)

In Vienna you could easily
walk by a hundred coffeehouses
in an hour's time,
maybe even more. :-)

* from Emily Dickinson's poem
"Morning"—means "Milking"—to the Farmer

They above images have been
originally posted
in September 2006.

Blushing Peonies
Photographed one Sunday
in May
at "Zum Schwarzen Kameel"



  1. Yes, yes, we get it: the air around the Opera House is thick with the smell of roasted coffee . . . and one of the Cafe Mozart men is lighting a cigarette! Oh, and the woman in pic 1 is smoking one . . ..

    When I was growing up I had a period where I was a classical 'groupie', hanging around opera houses and concert halls to see the vans arrive with the instruments; the lovely bustle of people with clip boards; the entranced people - and, of course, the music.

  2. Vienna looks so much like Paris . We can fell a savoir vivre and a special way of life . it seems peaceful and welcoming

  3. I'm getting the feeling Vienna is a well kept secret..
    Not over run with annoying touristas.

  4. I love the peonies. The photo looks like a painting. Exceptional!

  5. Not sure I liked the snap dragon either., Just as well we don't take them seriously - or do we?

    Great photos as usual and the coffee with the plum pear pastry - say no more as I have just finished eating my dinner.

  6. Picture #4... looks like just a shadow sitting at the table.

  7. i think Vienna is going higher and higher on my list of places to visit, you are making me fall in love with it :-) Such elegance!

    I adore those peonies too - one of my favourite flowers.

  8. Beautiful and inviting! Thank you for taking us along, strolling around making me want to hop the next plane!
    Want to do an exchange?

    You summed up the atmosphere around the opera house splendidly.

    A classics groupie, I like that!
    As a little girl, I spent my summers in Salzburg with my grandparents and was for several weeks completely immersed in peaking a bit of Karajan here and a string solo by some other famous guy there or guessing who the artists in the black and wait portraits exhibited in the shop windows were. I seriously thought Deutsche Grammophon was the master of all music, so ubiquitous was the presence of the yellow label with black letters on those artists' portraits. ;-)

  10. BARBARA:
    Thank you. I think of you as a rose, btw. :-)

    You are right, I quite like that idea myself. ;-)

    Would you belive that I cried on the way in from the airport the summer before we moved: I thought this was the ugliest town on earth. :-(

    Are you trying to tempt me?
    Careful, I might jump on the plane first! :-)

  11. Hubba hubba! What a trio of handsome guys! :)

  12. Merisi.
    You are a wonderful paparazzi!
    I love how you got that shot of Pete Sampras, Liam Neeson, and Prince Harry at the Cafe Mozart!
    -- Cheers!
    -- Cip


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