Monday 24 September 2007

Sometimes She Bakes: Apple Pear Plum

Plum and Pear Crostata

Free-form apple pie

Images in diet mode!

For a larger slice of the tarts,
click on the image
and you will be presented
with a larger serving.
At your own risk! :-)

Un caffè macchiato, anyone?
(Brought to you by Demel's,
along with the hand-whipped cream -
which wasn't mine,
I'd like to point out

One more slice, you say?

"Each Peach Pear Plum.
I spy Tom Thumb!
In this book
With your little eye
Take a look
And play "I spy"

A book for all ages
(and low in calories!):
"Each Peach Pear Plum"
By Allan Ahlberg
(author) and
Janet Ahlberg
Viking Kestrel Picture Books



  1. Your Viennese desserts, Merisi look beautiful and I am sure they taste just as good.
    That free-form apple pie looks so rustic. Mmmmmmmm....
    Off to Spain for a couple of weeks. Will check out your photos from there.

  2. Hmm, it's nearly lunchtime too...I think I will go for the delicous looking apple pie.

  3. Those desserts are Viennese insofar I baked them here in Vienna, but the apple pie really is an Italian "Crostata" parading as a rustic American apple pie (with the dough from the mother of an Austrian friend of mine - hi, Brigitte! -, and my own secret "ingredient" in the filling *g*). The Plum-Pear was a spur of the moment thing, not having enough plums in the house. I tend to bake things that allow me a certain speed to get from A to Z. ;-)

    Gretel, there's no sugar used here, apart the little dusting on top, so go ahead and have a slice, please! :-)

  4. Those photographs taste delicious.


    Thank you! :-)

  6. Oh, my...I want to taste them all! Can I please have a dessert sampler plate? You know, a taste of eat on a plate--LOL! I need to go to Vienna for dessert...I think DH would approve of that! ;o) I remember that book--"Each Peach Pear Plum!" Happy Day to you ((HUGS))

  7. You could always make a stopover in Vienna (Austrian Airlines has a direct flight to Dulles). *smile*
    "Each Peach Pear Plum" is one of my favorite children's books, my kids loved it too. I have read it to them so many times, it's all tattered (did you see that an original edition now costs 99 $ - guess that must be in mint condition *laugh*). I shall go ahead and order an anniversary edition.

  8. Do you think free form apple pie travels (i.e. in the post)? ? ? ?

  9. Sally, sadly,
    this testy apple tart travels well only if you speed it via First Class seat on a British Airline flight, and only if served proper English Tea with it. Of course, it expects to be picked up by Butler James at the VIP holding area of London Heathrow.
    Any questions? ;-)

  10. Well my cup of coffee here at my desk in Texas pales in comparison to the delicious cup you had today...and pie for breakfast would be like being on Holiday :-)

    Cafe' and cooking, two of my fave things, you do them well!

    Just to let you know since I found your blog I can't wait to log on to see your pics each day. In fact you have inspired me to start a photo blog myself, I will let you know when it is up...hope I can find things as inspriring here in Texas.

    Can't wait to visit Vienna next year!

  11. Vienna, city of the world's best desserts, and I have to visit when I'm hungry and there's no food in the house!

  12. What desserts! I would love to have a slice of that apple tart!!
    And about the rasberries....Now when I have them, I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?

  13. Deine Fotos sind einfach göttlich!
    Sie vermitteln soviel Eindruck und Stimmung...

  14. Tori:
    If it is of any comfort, I have been cloistered in today. The Demel's cup was last week's treat. ;-)
    Looking forward to your photo blog. You have lots of fun planning your trip to Vienna!

    Autchie, Andrea,
    sorry! I hope found at least some virtual nourishment. ;-)

    Oh, you eating one of my tarts?
    What an honour! :-)

    I never managed to cook a raspberry tart. Theyberries were always gone before I could weigh the dough ingredients. ;-)

    Dankeschön, dieses Kompliment freut mich sehr! :-)

  15. Merisi, are you mental?
    I'm supposed to be having a rest from blogging, but what can I do, when you do a post like this?!!!
    People can have all the fancy schmancy creamy cakes they like, but give me fruity pies and I'm in heaven.
    NOW... stop posting about baked goods, so I can have a rest!

    Alrighty, guilty as charged, I admit even that I had fun doing it. Couldn't know, though, that you would smell the fish, er, plum cake all the way to Melbourne, could I? ;-))) Would a soup with Swiss chard be ok?

  17. LOL re "diet mode" images. Cute! Everything looks delicious.

  18. Well you did warn us that we clicked on the images at our own risk...well...I clicked on that slice of apple pie and...oh my!! :-D

    I sure hope your next post will be the recipe for this free form apple pie!

  19. WENDY B:
    Thank you! :-)

    Oh dear, somewhere I have a draft for a post titled "Why I Don't Have a Food Blog". ;-)
    Truth is, I throw things together. How'd that translate into a recipe? ;-)

  20. . . . could be organized.


  21. SALLY,
    you are frighteningly helpful. *chuckle*
    (How fast do you think I would be put in the Funny Farm? People around here expect me to do some "work", can you imagine?!!
    Anyway, it's almost lunchtime: I shall contemplate the paucity of time on a church square, eating pizza in the sun. *g*)

  22. PS: that free-form apple pie pic is just right, if I download it, to make a desktop.

    Tender pieces of apple with sugar crispy edges; sumptious pastry; sweet snow of icing sugar . . . right in my face and in front of my mouth!

  23. SALLY,
    you sure want to face this temptation all day long? :-)

  24. I am certain I gain weight looking at your blog!

  25. I bet you did too eat that whipped cream!

  26. tongue in cheek:
    Are you trying to tell me you clicked for the super-large sze? *giggle*

    Nope! I wished I could resist so easily each and every temptation that comes my way. :-)

  27. Does the "Free-Form" indicate that you baked it outside of a dish? It appears as though you might have just pulled up the crust around the outside of the filling!

    Brian, yes, I simply pull the crust up around the filling (avoiding to stretch it).

    This is my "americanized" version of a strudel from the Upper Austria region, made with flaky pastry dough. Instead of dividing the dough in two halves and rolling each out into a rectangle, filling each along the center third with apples and then pulling the left and the right third of the dough up to form a "strudel", I roll the whole pastry into one large circle and gather the outer rim over the apples, to make it look more like an American Apple Pie. I bake it on a baking sheet, which I line with parchment paper. :-)

  29. YUM! YUM!
    Makes me long to rush over and EAT..........


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