Tuesday 25 September 2007

Gold and White Augarten Porcelain

Entrance Hall
Augarten Porcelain Manufactory
Augarten Palace
Obere Augartenstrasse 1
Second District

Art Déco Mocha Service


Josef Hoffmann,
founder of the legendary
Wiener Werkstätte”,
designed this world renowned mocha service in 1929. *

Hoffmann was one of the greatest designers
of the 20th century and,
along with Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner,
he was a member of the
Wiener Sezession.

The melons service is available in pink, light blue, red, yellow, turquoise, orange, black, violet, green and black-gold.
Due to the large number of rounded features, it continues to place very high demands on the porcelain painters at Augarten when using the airbrush
." *

Mocha cup in black and gold

*) Source:
Augarten Wien
More information about the history
of Augarten porcelain
and their products,
at their website:
click here!.

For more images of Augarten porcelain
at Merisi's, click here, please.


  1. Oooohhhh! A teaser! Can't wait to see the follow up.

  2. something is wrong with me...

    every time you show us
    such lovely items,
    i long for them to be mine.


    yummy food, little cups...
    it does not matter,
    i want them all...

  3. Your posts grow ever delicious...This gold-themed one is right up my street. Just scrumptious all of it! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  4. HEXE:
    I was trying to put a draft for next day's post together, but was too tired to finish it. I thought a teaser would at least send out a signal that something will come up, sooner or later. :-)

    I share your longing. I have had tender feelings for that sugar bowl for a long time. I recently photographed one painted like a clown-bunny. Sweet. ;-)

    I felt like a princess amongst all that splendor, imagining what would happen if the sugar pumpkin would come to life, or that magic gourd,
    the white horses waiting,
    oh, the places we would go!
    Wanna come along? :-)

  5. Wonderful porcelain and I love the cristal .
    Beautiful post as always

  6. Merisi!!
    Thank you for the lovely posts! Haha, how did we foget to visit Xocolat together? ;) It is truly stunning, I could stay there all day long! mmmm
    Maybe next time, I'll take my camera...

  7. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Pretty shiny things!
    Even tastier than TARTS!

  8. This "melon" moka service is one of my favorite, but I prefer it in black and white.


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