Thursday 23 August 2007

Hide and Seek

Now you see it.
Now you don't?

Somewhere in Bloglandia there's a post of mine hidden.
I thought it's lost forever.
But no, Blogger is generous (to a fault *grumble*):
Clicking here, the post
"Summer in the City. Great Outdoors"
At least here and now.


  1. The water and sky photo is gorgeous.....

  2. This photo is wonderful . And I love this game of " Hide and seek" . It reminds me my favotite game , I've never thouight we can play it thanks to the blog !!! But great you give me some idea.

    Thank you. :-)

    Thank you, great you are having fun with the "lost post".
    I was so upset about loosing the post (having taken the time to post out of a very busy day and not being able to repeat it, was frustrating) and couldn't believe my eyes when I googled and by chance saw my very own "lost" post *g*).

  4. You're a magician, Merisi.
    I love the disappearing photos of restaurants and cafés (link).
    Les Parapluies de Cherbourg... Great film.

  5. I wished, I were, Cream!
    Now I can laugh about that "there and yet not there" game bloggers is playing with my post, but I felt pretty upset when I "lost" it. ;-)

    So you know "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" too, I loved that movie. I remember a movie poster, in black and white, with umbrellas hovering over the rooftops. Would you think I could find it again? So far I searched in vain.

  6. No, I can't remember that poster. It might have been exclusive to Austria.

  7. And a great post, too. Thanks for providing the link!

  8. I can see only the frog hiding among the water-lily leaves, am I missing something?

  9. I don't understand how it got 'lost'? (Glad it is now 'found' - it is a good post)

  10. Thank you for the thought, Cream. I may have only imagined it, who knows? ;-)

    Incurable Insomniac:
    You are welcome! I was myself happy to "find" it again, good or not. I am still dumbfounded how in the world it ever disappeared and why it still is not showing up on the blog index.

    Where's the frog? I didn't see it. ;-)
    Did you click on the "Summer in the City" link?

    tlc illustration:
    Thank you, Tara!
    I wished I would understand what happened (and why the post is still not showing up in the proper place). ;-) I think Bloggers is doing some behind the scenes "try-outs", there were a couple of other strange things I noticed lately.


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