Monday 20 August 2007

A Rainy Evening in Pink.

It all began with the rosy-cheeked peaches
that seemed to beckon me on
to visit my neighbor's garden.
By the time I was finally ready to follow
their call, it was almost six o'clock,
and I needed to run to the post office first.

A thunderstorm had gathered,
bringing lightening and thunder and rain.
A lonely bycicle leaning on a tree.
Pink. A sign!
(Photographers do get such "signs" all the time!)
What if I looked for more pink objects
on this grey evening?
Too bold, you say?

A pink, if tattered, rose
behind the fence next to the bike!
It was raining hard,
holding the umbrella in one,
the camera in the other hand,
equaled out-of-focus pictures.
C’est la vie!

A few steps further,
a pink leaf!

A lady crossing the street, half a block away.
She's carrying a pink parapluie!
A fata morgana?
She turns the corner,
and I start running.

At the corner bakery,
I spot another pink umbrella.

I turn around,
and can't believe my eyes:
A Vespa with a driver in pink overalls!
I am beginning to pant.
Quick! Point. Click!

I post my letter
and walk home, past my favorite rose bush.
I spy a pink rose bud.

A pink rose too.
Raindrops keep falling on her head.

Pink hydrengaes
greet me at my neighboor's door.

At the end,
I come home not only
with a basketful of rosy-cheeked white peaches
from my neighbor's garden,
but also fresh-baked apple strudel
from her kitchen.


  1. Not a pink "parapluie"!!??!!
    Parapluie is umbrella?
    Umbrella is a pretty good word but from henceforth I shall only ever think of them as parapluies!

    I loved this post!
    Totally whimsical!
    And I can't believe those pink overalls! (and it looks like a fella, not a girl!).

  2. >Photographers do get such "signs" all the time!)

    Yes, so do scientists, who have to be on their guard against it. It's called "observer bias", I expect psychologists have a name for it too!

    My grandmother used to call an umbrella a "Parapluie", I always liked the sound of it (once upon a time, French was spoken at the Viennese Court, among other languages. This may be one of the reasons why Austrians still enrich their vocabulary with Frenchisms). Have you ever seen the old old movie Les Parapluies de Cherbourg ("People only die of love in movies"), with the very young Catherine Deneuve?

  4. Maalie:
    (I am quite happy though, that my unconscious doesn't book flights to Bari in midwinter. *g*)

  5. What a wonderful adventure! And ending with white peaches, lovely.

  6. What a beautiful write-up. And some great shots to go with it! I thoroughly enjoyed following you all the way in your 'pink-seeking' adventure :D I shall be here often now:)
    PS: Thank you very much for the recommendation to David. ;)

  7. You are a poet, Merisi.

  8. What a lot of pink! Love the bike.
    What are white peaches? I've been hearing about them recently.

    Why doesn't Blogger let us use colors in our comments!?
    I especially LOVE he blurry one.
    More blurry pictures puleeeze!

  10. ********* WOW *********
    if you had seen ME,

    your day
    would have been complete!


  11. Delightful Pink Adventure and very poetical too. I especially like the pink suit on the Vespa.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Do come again.
    Sue of photowannabe

  12. Yes - the pink-overalled-Vespa-rider is the best! Your color posts are always my favorite.

  13. Pink hydrangeas? Sweet! I gotta get me some of those next to our blue ones.

  14. I love pink, so this post really caught my heart! Happy Days! :o)

  15. I always love your photos...but the wonderful flower blooms always just speak to me differently. I love that rose and hydrangea.

  16. Your pink adventure is accompanied by many wonderful photos. How do I meet your neighbor--generous soul! I espcially liked the pink blossoms and pink umbrella.

  17. Merisi! What an adventure you were on!! And the rain! Sheesh. It's blazing hot here, not a cold in sight! Love this post, adorable. Tell us more about who your neighbor is? Why the visit, where is a photograph of her peaches and the apple strudel?? Hmmm??? Merisi, we should do a swap of some kind... what do you think??

  18. Thank you all so very much for your comments. I appreciate each and every one and am sorry not to be able to respond right now.

  19. Pink overalls on a guy too! I love it :)

  20. Your words were so lyrical...!

    Back after a long hiatus and just loving going through all the sights!!

    Tk care ~

  21. ANN:
    As I said, I couldn't believe it when I first saw him. Haven't seen him since. Maybe this was an instance of wishful thinking that migrated onto my memory card? ;-)

    Welcome back and thank you! :-)
    (Lyrical? Maybe I should get desperate for a post on a rainy evening more often? *chuckle*)


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