Saturday 25 August 2007

Blue Afternoon in the City

Café de l'Europe
Graben 31

H & M
(formerly Kaufhaus E. Braun & Co)
Graben 8

Alois Pichl's Spar-Casse-Bank (1835-1838) to your right,
the Julius Meinl building and
Naglergasse straight ahead

Corner Kohlmarkt and Graben

Spar-Casse-Bank Building
Graben 21


The Church of the Franciscans
(1603, also "Church of St. Jerome")


  1. Now I'm so homesick. Graben is one of my favorite places in the inner city. How many hours have I whiled away at a table, sipping beer and people-watching!

  2. Friday afternoon was a perfect time to do just that. I chose the "Immervoll" corner on Franziskanerplatz (reading about Beethoven and how he had to take refuge at "Zum Blumenstock" in Ballgasse around the corner when Napolean's troops attacked the Mönker Bastei where he lived then, at the Pasqualatti house).


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