Friday 22 June 2007

Stormy Weather: Tempest







The storm reached gusts of around 130 km/h.
A crane operator whose crane crashed into the fire brigade building fell to his death, a man and a woman where killed by falling trees, near the Danube and the airport, respectively.
Traffic in the city came to a standstill,
with streets blocked by trees and at the Vienna airport airtraffic was suspended.
The Barbara Streisand concert at Schönbrunn Palace
was postponed because strong winds
had damaged the outdoor stage.


  1. Anonymous23 June, 2007

    I'm always imagining that you have such sunny, nice weather in the summer....

    It is warm here, though we have a slight rain today. Terje and I packed our lunches in a backpack and hiked the hills behind our house.

  2. My God, that is scary! I am glad you are ok.

    We do have one sunny day after the next, this was only a temporal interruption of 30 degree sunny summer days, albeit one with tragic consequences.

    I had not been aware of the severeness of the storm til I talked to my neighbor down in the garden afterwards, she had listened to the news. I had turned off the computer when the thunder started rolling and proceeded to clean up my desk.

  4. Woah! That is frightening. I too am glad that you survived o.k.

  5. ANN:
    I was at home and safe and was never in any danger.
    I am very sad for the persons who had to die during this freak storm, and wasn't able to post yesterday, escpecially after I happened to walk by the crane accident. I cross that beautiful square frequently, and was walking to the post office, when the devastation was all of a sudden in front of me. I loved looking up at those sculptures, and it's hard to believe that a human being lost his life in the midst of such beauty.

  6. Wow.... Sad to hear that the storm was deadly for some (generally I *love* extreme weather).

    That sunset is gorgeous!


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