Thursday 21 June 2007

Green Doors

Zum Alten Blumenstock
Ballgasse 6

Kleeblattgasse 9

9th District, Alsergrund

Lusthaus, Freudenau
2nd District, Leopoldstadt

Riding Stable, Freudenau
2nd District

Minoritenplatz 4

Emergency Exit, Danube Island, Kaisermühlen
22nd District, Donaustadt


  1. Midnight, one more night without sleepin'
    green door whats that secret your keepin.....

    Shakin Stevens ( if memory serves me right)


  2. Anonymous22 June, 2007

    The doors in Paris use to be traditionally green. But in the last ten years there has been an explosion of color.
    Seeing your green doors reminded me of this.

  3. Ooh, lovely, how very dignified and stately they look, especially the ones with statues. Austria is somewhere I know nothing about, so I am really enjoying learning here!

  4. Merisi, the colour of the last door ("No.5") looks exactly the colour of the walls in my bedroom. The Viennese oveiously have a good taset in décor :-)

    Simon, yeh, Shakin' Stevens was four weeks on Top of the Pops in 1981, but Jim Lowe also had a No 1 hit with the song in the US back in 1956. I remember it as a kid!

  5. simon:
    Next time I'll knock. ;-)

    tongue in cheek:
    There are still so many green doors here in Vienna, maybe it was customary also here to paint them green?

    I am so glad you enjoy coming here, you'll be learning with me, I am a beginner, too. I still cannot get over the fact that there are so many beautiful buildings here, besides the wellknown palaces and official buildings.

    I found that door under the Reichsbrücke (the bridge that leads to the UNO city), if I remember correctly. I imagine the Austrians have an official "Office of Colour Selection" at some "Ministry of Escape Door Design". :-)

  6. Clever post...I always LOVE pics of doors and windows....

  7. They are very keen on colourful doors in Dublin. In fact, part of a city tour takes you past a crescent of wonderful doors!!
    Minoritenplatz looks really good.

  8. Very pretty!
    Now show us YOUR door

  9. here is what i am thinking:

    some things are simply universally perfect...
    yummy looking chocolate treats,
    interesting green doors,

    if through a half-opened green door
    you could spot a little table
    with a dark, dark chocolate yummy something
    sitting on a pretty plate
    with pink peonies standing proud nearby...

    well, that would be like looking in heaven's door for me...

    go out and see what you can find!



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