Saturday 23 June 2007

The Fire Station "Am Hof 10": Then and Now

Spring 2007
Bürgerliches Zeughaus
(The Citizens' Armory)
Vienna Fire Brigade
Greek Pediment with Lorenzo Mattielli sculptures and
Habsburg Coat of Arms

Am Hof 10

Am Hof
(Hof Square)

The morning of June 22nd
A crane worker died when high winds
toppled the crane he was working on.
Gone are the Lorenzo Mattielli sculptures.

For more photos of "Am Hof", click here, please.


  1. oh,
    how terrible times two...

    gone sculpture,
    gone crane worker...

    i do hope you weren't standing there
    clicking away.


  2. The loss of a life weighs much heavier, of course, one cannot compare it to the destruction of a work of art.
    Still, I feel sadness about both. I stopped each and every time I crossed that square, to marvel at the beauty of the statues holding that shiny Golden Globe into the sky, and photographed that building many many times in different light and weather.
    The figures had been up there since 1724, who knows how many people enjoyed to look up at them over the centuries!


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