Thursday 10 May 2007

Down by the River

Bridge over the New Danube

I think this is what's commonly called
"Coppa Kagrana"

Oh yes, I entered another ship, yesterday

Read above *

A little R&R, at and in the river

Youth at play

Now, hold this position!

*) The river-going vessel
pictured here reminded me of
Andrei Makine's beautiful novel
"Once Upon the River Love".
One of the few books in my life that I picked up
because I liked the cover.
I loved the gaudy pink, and most of all,
the photo of the river.


  1. Such lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful day.

  2. The clouds in the top one is incipient Altostratus lenticularis, it's not too common. The ducks are (left) Tufted Duck, male and female; Right, mallard, female with ducklings.

    Very nice pictures, I need to visit Vienna some time.

  3. Love all photos, Merisi! Each day I am more and more enchanted with your gorgeous, stunning photos! It's a immense pleasure visit your place! I love also the blogroll with so many great blogs! I will return soon! Have a nice day!

  4. Lovely pics...and it seems you are having whale of a liked the pic of Koppa....very similar to India.

  5. "Now, hold this position"... Hahaha...That had me laughing out loud :-)

  6. Anonymous11 May, 2007

    Wow-I've been gone a week and look how many photos you've posted! I really like the cemetery pics - especially the 6th one. So, where are you from originally? It was great to find someone who has read the same books as me - I'd love to hear some more about your favourites. I don't know Caryl Phillips but I shall chase him up immediately!


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