Thursday 17 May 2007

Ioan Nemtoi, "Who's afraid of Glass" . Museums Quarter Vienna

Ioan Nemţoi's glass installation “Who's afraid of Glass?” proposes a dialogue in the universal language of colour and shape, referring to its own history and artistic discourse. The vivid, pure, red and organic shape makes a powerful contrast with the urban environment.

“Who's afraid of Glass?” has the appearance of a squirming fantasy, a giant insect with thousands of legs - and asserts itself as an artist's personal interpretation of the primordial elements, water and fire - finally being one of Ioan Nemţoi's well known extravaganzas.

May 15-26, 2007, Palffy Palace, 10:00-18:00
May 3-26, 2007, MuseumsQuarter, 10:00-18:00

If you are in Vienna, do not miss tis wonderful event.
It's breathtaking.
Many of you will know Dale Chihuly,
the famous American glass artist.
Ioan Nemţoi's work is equally interesting and exciting,
and he's right here in Vienna at the MuseumsQuarter,
ready to talk to you about his art.

I would have loved to write more
about this exhibition, in my own words.
Unfortunately I am a bit under various time pressures,
so I simply copied information and text
from the "Sampling Bucharest" website,
which will give you more information:

Click here

One more event:

Shepherd Bucur and his Sheep
Outdoor installation
Autor Ionel Stoicescu

During the event “Bucharest Days in Vienna” the artist proposes the creation of an “ambulant” installation which presents to the audience a “Bucharest character”, a depository of material and spiritual symbols, who permanently re-shapes his cultural identity and is open to interaction with other cultures. By the shape and the way of “exposure” the artist intends to achieve direct communication with the street and to generate a large amount of interest from the Viennese public.

May 4-6, 11-20, 2007, MQ, 16:00-18:00
KartnerSt&Karlsplatz&Prater, 14:00-20:00
May 23-24, 2007, Messe Viena, 16:00-18:00



  1. Anonymous17 May, 2007

    This looks very interesting.
    The red glass made me curious. It looks like a kind of milky colour. Makes me want a glass for my morning milk :-)

  2. Merisi said...
    The exhibition catalogue (Ioan NEMTOI "Who's afraid of Glass")shows in fascinating detail how he produces these world of glass. Incredible, the physical side of it, the mastery of every aspect of his art, the colour he creates, you'd love seeing those works of art.
    I shall see to it to buy a catalogue for you. I hope to get there again on Saturday, I also would like to see the exhibition at nightfall and night.

    The artist reminds me of the glass blower family patriarch in John Behrend's "Falling Angels", from the sheer intensity with which both these artists express themselves.

  3. Looks great! Must be very strong glass.
    My friend came back from Vienna enthusing about the architecture.

  4. Cream:
    Now, architecture is the background. Do I have to worry that the rest was not up to expectations? *sternlook*

  5. Those red glass snakes... really strange!


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