Friday 18 May 2007

Friday Morning: The Sweet Life @ Demel's

The Viennese Way

To be fine tuned when Madame returns
from that other coffeehouse visit .... ;-)


  1. Never thought I'd say this but... your blog makes me want to chew on Mozart's wig!
    Beautiful pics. As always, truly yummy!

  2. You know I like your Viennese "postcards", and I am always surprise -in the good way- when I see you tkae pictures in the kitchens of so great places! That's nice to see them.

  3. Is that an invitation to "Plunder" the Viennese pastries?

  4. You DO find the most glorious things in Vienna!
    You should be part of that photo group..what is it?
    A day in ----
    I don't seen how anyone could out do you on Vienna!?

  5. Only running through (Vienna's waiting, and she is very demanding! *grin*). Thank you all for your sweet comments, makes the whole thing so much more fun. Wished I could stay and have coffee with you guys.
    To Carol:
    I usually do NOT eat the sweets, infact at Demel's I have had 2 (two) Anna torte (that's the cake that tastes the way Nutella would taste, if Demel would produce it!) since I moved here (or 3, hm, maybe 3, yes), in 20 months. And then I licked the plate clean each time. So yummy! I do eat their apple strudel, if I happen to be their around lunchtime (which happens whenever I am near fainting hungry, could be 5pm). And then I walk walk walk a lot, almost everywhere I have to go, and then some. It comes with the territory here, and I love it. Have I ever mentioned that I LOOOOVE Vienna? And the people? Everybody warned me, that they Viennese are always grumpy. Well, quite the opposite. I could tell a book full of nice encounters, really sweet ones, right now I am going out to lunch with a gaggle of six girls. I am gonna post about it, those people at the little Scherer Beisl on Judenplatz are the sweetest you can imagine - and not that they know me, they are simply nice.
    Really gotta run,
    have a great weekend you all
    (and yes, I reloaded the Haas images, seem to work right now!),

  6. Mouth-watering. I hope that Sachertorte isn't 775 years old! :)

  7. ANDREA:
    No worry, it's only 175 (ónehundredandseventyfive) years since it's been first baked in the Sacher pâtisserie. *laugh*

  8. Cream:
    "Plunder" refers to the name of dough these pastries are being made of (a yeast dough, layered with butter, and then folded like milles feuilles).
    Carol and I have been after the namesakes of these pastries for some time now, click here for her latest report about her research, at "La Pâtisserie Viennoise" (of course, the French learned from the Viennese how to bake a proper croissant, but you knew that already, didn't you? I mean, Marie Antoinette clearly mispook, when she "let them eat cake". *grin*

    Chew on one wig, and then have another one. *laugh*

    I was thinking this afternoon, while I was searching for my car (I had been late to a lunch date, and had completely forgotten that, first, I had come by car - which I only do on weekends -, and, secondly, where in the world I had parked it *yesh*), I did not get upset at all, got to take so many more pictures. Vienna is a witch, I tell you, she enchants you, and thank heaven for digital photography, is all I can say. Makes this town much more affordable. *smile*

    Carol, one doesn't find anything here, you fall over all those things constantly. It's only a matter of how many nanoseconds you got to shoot the pictures (well, we do know that Ansel Adams took some great pictures in a hurry, best of all his "Moonrise, Hernandes", click here so see it).
    You'll see, once you get here. :-)

  12. Anonymous20 May, 2007

    Suddenly I see Blue in so many of your wonderful photos.....but where are the links to where I can post my comments?

  13. Britt-Arnhild:
    There is lots of Blue around here in Vienna, not only when the museums show a great Yves Klein retrospective! :-)
    Regarding the comments, they appear and disappear apparently at will. Not after mine, unfortunately. :-(


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