Wednesday 16 May 2007

Views of and from Hans Hollein's Haas House

The Haas House
Stephansplatz 12
From the corner Kärtner Strasse
and Stock-im-Eisen-Square

Do & Co Hotel in the Haas House

View of St. Stephan's from the Do & Co Hotel

Looking up to the roof terrace of Haas House
from the corner of Graben and Stock-Im-Eisen Square

Some of Merisi's photos of Graben
(the street that leads from Stock-im-Eisen Square
to Kohlmarkt:
remember the chandeliers at Christmas
Haas House
Do & Co Hotel at
Do & Co Hotel's own website
about St. Stephan's and Stock-im-Eisen ("staff in iron") Squares
(As in all other posts of this blog,
clicking on the underlined words
will lead you to the websites


  1. liked the 3rd pic with those geometric design on slant. I was not able to open the last 3 pics...strange....??!!

    So are we going to hear about Opera??

  2. There's nowhere to hide from those golden arches!
    St Stephan's appears to be a pretty wild -looking building - I'll have to look it up on Wikipedia.

  3. so you are living a life of luxury...and who is the waving guy in the window????

  4. Anonymous16 May, 2007

    I want to be at one of those cafes, with a cappuccino and have you beside me! What fun we'd have people watching and enjoying the sites of Vienna!!

  5. Wow! That Haas House and St. Stephens are breathtaking!

  6. Hi, there!
    I am sorry about the pictures that will not open. I have had this experience with other blogs lately, hope it is temporary.
    More tomorrow, I had an extremely eventful day today and am simply not able to think any more right now.
    Good night to all of you, and so sweet of you to leave me all those nice comments. I appreciate it immensely, thank you all.

  7. I am so sorry, I myself now don't see any of the images, and I have no inkling as to the why. :-(

  8. ooohhh... I can't see nothing in this post today! Nothing want to appear on my screen.. I come back monday.
    Have a nice week-end, Merisi!

  9. I am sorry, Marraine, hadn't had found the time earlier, but now I have reloaded the pictures, and from what I can see, the post seems to work now.
    Have yourself a great weekend, Marraine!


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