Saturday 14 April 2007

Venice, As Shakespeare Never Dreamed It

"I have had a dream, past the wit
of man to say what dream it was

"We are such stuff
As dreams are made

"The sweetest sleep, and fairest-boding dreams
That ever enter'd in a drowsy head

"Awake, and tell thy dream!"

On the wings of a dove, my sweet dream escaped!

Well, well, let's heed the call and ha’ some sport with ’em!

"Boys, don't drop the ball!"

The stage's set for
"A Midspring Dream of Venice"
(or whatever may come of the merry cavalcade of pictures!)

"To sleep: perchance to dream!"
Ay, there's a rub!
We better get to our gondolas!


  1. I knew you'd give us a treat! This is amazing.
    Are you the "Woman in Red"?

  2. Well I agree with cream.. the photos are a treat.

    I can only imagine what its like.. I LOVE the photo of the boys sitting and waiting! :o) I feel they will break into song at any moment from some wonderful Opera!

  3. Wonderful photos!
    Wish I was there or at least outside!

  4. And I love the photo with the arm! But they are all really good!

  5. Shakespeare and Venice... so nice!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous!
    Loved meeting your in Vinice. I hope we can do that again one day :-)

  7. Merisi
    This post is wonderous. Thank you so much for capturing such wonderful images and putting them together in a beautiful post!

    Cherry xx

  8. Wonderful photos! They remember me the movie Death in Venice, by the great Lucchino Visconti. Did you see this film?

  9. Oh my god... A Boteo!!! I love his paintings!!! Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  10. I smiled at your witty captions!

  11. Merisi, the arm picture, and then the following "ball" pictures - what did the textile do? It looks temporary; was it just to show off the ball?

  12. How fun! Love the striped shirts and row of straw-hatted men...

  13. hai scatenato gli ammiratori !!!! ;^)

  14. I loved the sequence...of your story telling....! Such candid shots...!!

    It was fun...I can see.

  15. GREAT shot of the dove in flight!

  16. @ Cream
    Thank you, Cream.
    "Woman in Red"?
    Possibly. ;-)
    @ simon
    Thank you!
    We actually caught gondolieri singing twice, in the early evening in their gondolas drifting along the canal that leads to the Bridge of Sighs. Once the sang "O sole mio!", must have been on special request. ;-)))
    @ BendingPeak
    I hope you got a break from studying by now, and some fresh air.
    @ Ilva
    "The arm!" *smile* There were workers putting up this beautiful linen shades. I'll have to ask Pierre if they are going to be up there all summer.
    @ Delphine R2M
    Shakespeare and Venice, yes, they are both very special.
    @ Britt-Arnhild
    Who knows, sheer serendipity is not to be underestimated!
    @ cherry menlove
    Cherry, I am glad you enjoy the images!
    @ Sonia
    Even though I love Visconti, somehow I never managed to miss his "Death in Venice". Something to still look forward to!
    @ LDahl
    I tried to google for Boteo, and did not succeed. I do love his painting, though.
    @ Maalie
    I am glad you liked them also. I hope everybody understood that the captions were Shakepeare's words (except "Wings of a Dove", for which I have to thank Henry James of course).
    @ Meg in Nelson
    Meg, the round form is not really a ball, as that telefonista suggests, but a lighting fixture. The picture was taken on Piazza San Marco, the southside galleria, right were Cafe' Florian is located. The workmen were putting up these beautiful linen shades when I walked by (in the later photo you can see how they pulled them up to form perfect folds).
    @ tlc illustration
    I enjoyed putting pictures and text together.
    @ Luc
    I am actually a bit overwhelmed now. ;-)
    @ Bendtherulz
    Thank you, BTR (give me any place in Italy, and I shall have fun!). @ cipriano
    Sometimes one get's a nice shot without planning it (maybe the only way?).


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