Monday 16 April 2007

Violins and Vivaldi in Venice

Violins at "Venice Research"
Calle della Chiesa - S. Maria Mater Domini

Artemio Versari Collection
A beautiful and free exhibit of baroque musical instruments,
with chairs to sit down and enjoy the music of Vivaldi.
This exhibition is located
in the church of San Maurizio di Venezia.

Church of San Maurizio di Venezia
San Marco Quarter
The church and the square of the same name, even though they are located only minutes from San Marco's Cathedral, make you feel as if to be back in Vivaldi's time, offering a quiet respite from the maddening crowds.

Speaking of Venetian violins,
one of my favorite bloggers of all time,
"Grumpy Old Bookman",
brought this article (please click here) in the Easter Sunday edition of the Washington Post to my attention:

Pearls Before Breakfast
Can one of the nation's great musicians cut through the fog of a D.C. rush hour? Let's find out.
By Gene Weingarten
Washington Post, Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007; W10

Grumpy Old Bookman writes about the publishing world,
his blog was the first one I started reading regularely.
Here's the link (also on my sidebar "Much Loved Favorites"):
Grumpy Old Bookman.


  1. Do you play the violin, Merisi? That was one of my dream, as child, but never realized.
    Something completly different: Can I give you "the turn", on the books play? (I forgot this morning to give it to 4 people...) (this is my personal blog, from La fille du Consul)
    Have a nice day, Delphine.

  2. Hi Delphine,
    I hadn't realized that I had sent this post into orbit! :-)
    Having been very busy during the day, all I managed to do, was loading a few pictures for future posts. They were meant to be safed under "drafts". I shall now hurry to complete this post.

  3. My favorite instrument.. But I also really love the Viola ( seems a more mellow/sad instrument)

    but also the cello...

    would love to one of these!!!


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