Tuesday 3 April 2007

Tuesday's Artist


Acrylic and Paper Strip on Canvass
12x31 inches

Acrylic on Newspaper on Canvass
19x19.5 inches

How are you?
("Yellow" = happy)

The Artist speaking :-)


  1. What a great picture!!!

  2. Hey Merisi!
    Your daughter is an artist? so is my son. In fact all 4 of mine are great and win competitions

  3. You all, thank you for your nice comments! I'll show them to my little buddist artist.
    my little one has not participated in any competition, she has too many AP courses in school (one of them being arts) to do anything else in her free times besides studying and sports (she's competing with her team and has travelled around Europe to various events), and talented are all four (this says the mother *g*).

  4. Merisi, you'll have to post your daughter's finished product for all to see...

  5. yes, please post the daughter's work, if she likes !! ;^) seems to be a "mixed technique" work, from the shot.

  6. Cream & Luc:
    I dared to put the pictures up,
    the photos are not the greatest, I didn't want to intrude too much while I shot them yesterday (yeah, great excuse *g*).

  7. she must get her artistic eye from you, as usual lovely photoes and interesting to see your daughters work too, I like "How are you" in particular. :-)

  8. Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...
    Thank you, MuddyRedShoes!
    And I have to correct myself, I meant to write my little budding artist! I did have a good day, lots of things off my list and off my chest, but I was more than a little distracted when I wrote my comment (yep, ADD for short).
    Did I mention that we found a place to put our tired heads in Venice next week? *hurrah!*

  9. What a beautiful girl! And she's got naturally blonde hair that I've rarely seen. So that's what you look like, a Nordic princess...I imagined you dark-haired.

  10. You were right, May: I am more on the dark side. I have brothers that are as white blond as her, and a father and grandmother, also on my husband's side.

  11. What concentration...?? How old is she...!!
    I can imagine her being Happy....!!

    Happy weekend..and look forward to more pics...!

  12. Same with my brothers and my sons: one is Nordic, the other Mediterranean.


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